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Aug 11, 2014 12:12 PM

Kimchi in London

We live in south east London and want to do a mission to find Kimchi on Saturday - any recommendations?

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  1. It depends whereabouts in SE London you are? I also live in SE London and don't know anywhere that local. If it's easy to get to Clapham Junction I'd get a train from there to New Malden (about 15 min journey time) and go to one of the Korean places there. I like Yami.

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      Yes New Malden is going to be best - it's the centre of the Korean community with lots of restaurants and shops along the high street close to the station. Fast trains from Waterloo and Clapham.

    2. If you drive, there is a massive Korean cash and carry type shop off the A3 in New Malden which will likely have everything you want and more.

      1. The Chinese supermarkets in Chinatown will sell kimchi if you're looking for it centrally.

        There is a nice Korean market in Golders Green which will sell various types, probably Korean and Chinese made, as well as the side-dishes for bibimbap. etc.

        1. See woo in greenwich normally have Kimchi.

          1. Kimchi Village in New Malden is really good and makes a huge range of their own stuff.