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Aug 11, 2014 12:11 PM

sushi zanmai shibuya

is sushi zanmai shibuya worth trying or am I going to be disgusted? I am thinking about places to eat after 12am. I read they are open 24 hours. By the time I check into my hotel, it will probably be midnight.

last time I ate at Himawari Zushi Shintoshin in Shinjuku and it was awful. We were walking around, was hungry and there were a good amount of customers inside so decided to try it. nothing was fresh. It wasn't after 12am. I went during dinner around 7 or 8pm

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  1. Never been to Himawari so can't compare. I've had many a sushi bite at Zanmai (in Roppongi though) well past midnight. Lots of reasons why it sucks, but it's not inedible. Lately been going to Itamae for 24 hour cravings. It's fine, though obviously not wonderful by any stretch of the imagination.

    Used to go to Hachibei in Ebisu like a decade ago for 2 AM sushi. Back then I thought it was pretty decent, but might have a different opinion now.

    I'm sure others will have better recommendations. Here's what tabelog digs up for the Shibuya area for sushi open til 5 AM.

    Guess nothing on that list looks all that inspiring. Again, I thought Hachibei wasn't bad. But I have to believe someone here has a better recommendation for good sushi, or at least a good izakaya open that late.

    Good luck!

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