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Aug 11, 2014 12:03 PM

Stand Mixer with Stainless (not aluminum) attachments?

Hi All,

I am doing research for a reliable stand mixer for bread dough. I want stainless steel attachments but the ones I have found so far that come with those do not offer the color choices of say, the KA Artisan series. I have looked on the Kitchen Aid site, and it doesn't seem possible to purchase stainless stand mixer attachments that go with the less expensive line. I have seen a 7qt pro series KA that does come with them, but it only comes in white. I have also found a Viking one and a Waring mixer that come with the stainless attachments, but the reviews I have seen are not so great and there are not many color choices. Just wondering if I have missed any options in my research?

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  1. Depending on where you're based, Bosch is an option. I think Ankarsrum is also SS, if you're willing to spend that much.

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      Thanks! I never heard of that brand. It may be more than I need though. I'm just window shopping for now but having fun :-)

    2. Which attachments are you requiring to be SS?

      I have no experience with the Bosch universal but it does get good reviews for bread making. Personally I wouldn't even bother looking at the KitchenAid. Had one and got rid of it. I can't recommend the Cuisinart stand mixer due to mine no longer working. I love love love my Ankarsrum and can't recommend it enough, and you won't find a better home mixer for bread IMO but it also excels at cakes and everything else you use a mixer for. It's only one I use now for all my mixing needs. It has a SS 7.5 liter bowl and the dough hook is SS but the roller and scraper are a heavy thick plastic. The mixer has been made for over 40 years in Sweden, you can out more about it here


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        Thanks! I am mainly concerned with bread making and dough kneading capabilities. I love to make breads, bagels, etc. So the dough hook is a great concern. A secondary concern is the pasta attachment, but Ankarsrum's smallest noodle choice is fettucine and I would want something thinner, like spaghetti, which the Kitchen Aid has, I think.

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          They do pasta two ways, there is the roller attachments that cut fettuccini, tagliatelle and lasagna and there is are the discs that work with the meat grinder and do spaghetti, elbows, fettuccini and linguine.

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            Thanks! Oh, I didn't realize that they could be used that way. Are the discs aluminum or stainless, do you know?

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              The pasta discs themselves are plastic, if you go to the link I posted before you can see them. I actually have them but I haven't used the pasta discs yet. And the discs require the meat grinder attachment which is thick aluminum and a size 10/12 much larger diameter than the plastic housing kitchen aid meat grinder ( which I used to have and the housing cracked).

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                Thanks! I have lots to consider but am not ready to buy yet...