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HELP! What Goes With Grilled Veggies?

I am going to a dinner party where the host is serving Grilled Vegetables as the main dish. She has asked me to bring a side salad. I am thinking about a mixture of greens and fresh herbs -- but that is as far as I have gotten. Anyone have a good recipe for a salad they think would pair well with Grilled Veggies like eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms and asparagus?

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      Ha--see my post. I was wondering if the salads could include cheese, etc.

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        HAHA! yes wincountrygirl we are of like minds!! but don't think that is happening at this dinner party :(

      2. Is this an all-vegan meal, do you know, lobstagal?

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          nope not all vegan -- but she just has a lot of vegetables she wants to grill, I guess.

        2. Without knowing if the veggies are going to be seasoned a certain way, for example, a jerk marinade, an Italian herb blend, a Cajun blend, etc., pretty much any salad without meat will pair with the grilled veggies.

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            Yeah, I was thinking something summery like cucumber, feta and watermelon, if cheese is allowed.

            1. Could it be a grain salad or an orzo salad? Either of these would marry nicely with grilled vegetables.

              1. Some kind of farro, quinoa, or bulgar salad?

                1. I would go with a grain salad, since grilled veggies are pretty light as a main dish... Quinoa is an easy choice, throw in some chopped veggies and toss with a quick vinaigrette. You can take it in any direction... Mediterranean with olives, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, etc. Or mexican with black beans, corn, green onion, and cilantro. Freekeh is another grain I'm loving right now, especially this recipe http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-spice.... See if you can get a little more info about the type of food being served.

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                    Yes that sounds yummy! Maybe that quinoa, red rice, orange & pistachio salad by Yotam Ottolenghi would work (??)

                    1. A traditional tabouli, meaning with a little bulgur and a lot of herbs.

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                        my palate likes the sound of lots of herbs for some reason...do you have a recipe?

                      2. I'd also go for sustance, a potato salad or poatatoes baked in a salt crust

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                          Love the idea of potato salad; it could even be a grilled potato salad. Going a step further, sweet potatoes can be used. Tons of online recipes.

                        2. My first thought is "where's the beef?" meaning, where's the protein? So to keep it light, a salad incorporating protein of any kind (grain, dairy, etc) would be perfect. Or, if you can get great tomatoes, a caprese salad (or kabobs, for portion control) would be nice and colorful. Heirloom tomatoes filled with the caprese components would be an elegant touch.

                          1. This red quinoa and black bean salad is great, and very hearty. I would do a big bowl with a layer of spinach or arugala on the bottom/sides with the salad ontop to add a little leafy-ness

                            This chickpea salad is another i would serve ontop of some greens

                            1. This butternut squash and chick pea salad with tahini dressing from Smitten Kitchen is really delicious and somewhat hearty. It is delicious at room temp and doesn't have to be warm.


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                              1. Leaving aside the fact that an invitation to a party like that would have me wondering what I had done to offend the hostess, why not go with a panzanella? At least that way, there might be something of substance to eat. Here's the Chow version, for example: http://www.chow.com/recipes/10638-pan... Also, plan a route home that takes you past a diner or something.

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                                  haha! I know, right? she is actually a gracious lady who i think just has too much harvest from her garden. :) I like the sounds of this panzanella - lemony light but substantial at the same time. thanks for sharing!

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                                    +1 Like an A&W or Wendy's. LOL
                                    I'd be thinking of a salad that contrasts with the grilled veg. Crispy/cold like as already suggested a potato salad.
                                    Has anyone ever made a seafood potato salad?
                                    Recently I made your basic potato salad then added in some rough chopped cooked prawns/scallops and whole cooked mussels and a little smoked salmon chunks.
                                    Pretty dam good it was.

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                                      That does sound good! Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I went with that Jerusalem cookbook recipe for spinach salad with with medjool dates, roasted almonds, marianted red onions and toasted pita squares sprinkled with sumac, lemon juice and olive oil. It was a BIG hit and another guest actually brought some fresh caught salmon so our host grilled that along side her garden veggies and it wound up being a delicious feast!