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Aug 11, 2014 10:39 AM

Creative tasting menu or a la carte menu for special birthday lunch?

All, I'm trying to find a place for a Friday lunch to take my 85 year old aunt, somewhere in SF or the East Bay (so The French Laundry is out, even if I could get in). She loves very creative plating and doesn't get to experience it often, so I want to make this special. However, places like Benu, Saison, Coi, Commis only do dinner.

Any place you can think of that would get me closest to what I'm looking for? Or is dinner the only option? Thanks so much!

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  1. The only place I can think of that is open for lunch AND does creative plating during that time is Michael Mina. It's not the best or most creative food wise, but it may be convenient and work well enough.

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      Thanks! Michael Mina didn't immediately come to mind, but in the absence of something "trendier" that might do the trick!

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        I understand you might not want to do Chinese, but Hakkasan is also open for lunch. There is also Meadowood...

    2. I haven't been to Luce in a while, but last time I did dinner, they did more modern creative dishes. I think Campton Place and Spruce will be more traditional. Baume does a nice lunch in Palo alto and would probably be the most unique.

      Seems like you're looking for something a little higher end? Slightly less formal places with lunch: Prospect, RN74, Trou Normand, and Coqueta (caveat: I've only done dinner at these places)

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        Hmmmm. I didn't even think about the Peninsula. Since my aunt lives in the Tri-Cities area that might be convenient too!