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Aug 11, 2014 10:38 AM

Best Asian restaurants in Newport/Narragansett area

Hello! I am getting married next May in Narragansett and am looking for some restaurant ideas for my rehearsal dinner. I am hoping to find an Asian (Chinese, Thai, or Vietnamese) restaurant in the area where I will be able to hold the dinner and/or have it catered. Does anyone have any recommendations? My guests will be staying in Narragansett, so ideally it would be within a 30 minute drive. The guest count is TBD but could be up to 60. I found a few on Yelp that got decent reviews (Sunrise, Simply Thai, Seven Moons), but I am not from the area so I thought I'd reach out here to see if anybody has been/knows how large the dining area is, etc. I am Vietnamese, so strong preference in cuisine there. Thank you in advance!!!

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  1. Seven Moons is quite excellent for the area. Not sure if they have a separate banquet room, but their web site states they have a 302 guest capacity. Definitely worth checking out on your short list, although it is about 15 miles north of Narragansett.

    1. Seven moons is a decent looking Asian restaurant that seats a large crowd. Sunrise in Middletown has pretty good food but the decor is v drab. There's Jade Cricket in Newport they have a great al fresco dining area but I have not eaten there before.

      1. You won't find good Vietnamese in the Narragansett area. Seven Moons has the capacity for your party, is a bit underwhelming in terms of inventiveness (maybe I just go there too often) but has an extensive pan-Asian menu. Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and some Vietnamese dishes are represented there. I believe they do cater. They were my first thought when I read your posting.

        There are a couple of Thai places in Wakefield, Luk Thai and Sa-Tang. They look to be pretty small, and I haven't tried either of them, but friends have had good experiences.

        Sunrise is in Middletown, a good 40 minute drive from Narragansett and a $4 bridge toll to boot (each way). It's a formica table kind of place and very small.

        If you're open to Japanese/hibachi, Kabuki and Shogun are good choices in the Narragansett/Wakefield area. Kon Asian Bistro in East Greenwich may also be an option for you. It's a 25 minute drive or so from Narragansett. Chinese/Japanese food with hibachi.

        Good luck!