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Aug 11, 2014 09:47 AM

Suggestions for light lunch/picnic provisions in Sebastapol/Northern Santa Rosa

We are doing some wine tasting in Santa Rosa and Russian River Valley on Friday (coming from Bodega Bay). Any suggestions for a light lunch or place to get picnic provisions?

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  1. We stop by at Willow Wood - Graton, CA to pick up our picnic supplies. But there's lots of markets in Sebastapol and Santa Rosa. Our choice is mainly due to convenience and habit.

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    1. re: goldangl95

      I thought Willow Wood was a restaurant? I'm sure they'll do take-out, though. But we didn't see any area where they had picnic provisions to buy?

      1. re: jaiko

        It's a breakfast and lunch place they have stuff for takeout as well as snacks for sale like a small market. Dinner is markedly different,

    2. Coming from Bodega Bay going inland on the Bodega Highway, I'd not miss the chance to stop by Wild Flour Bakery in Freestone for fresh bread and other treats for a picnic. Also, further inland on that same road, Bill's Farm Basket at 10315 Bodega Hwy, Sebastopol, CA 95472, (707) 829-1777. That same road will lead you into Sebastopol, where I most often fill out a picnic basket with deli and cheese selections from Whole Foods.