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Aug 11, 2014 09:43 AM

Lillikoi Chiffon Pie on BI or Maui?

Does it exist? We love our stops at Hamura's Saimin on Kauai and bring a frozen one home to the condo or beach house. Has anyone found anything similar on BI or Maui?

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  1. I think Stillwell's on Maui had a lilikoi chiffon pie when I went one time, but not sure if it is always on the menu. I haven't seen one on the Big Island. I say just enjoy what each island has to offer rather than trying to get a copy which probably will not satisfy and leave you wanting for the original.

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    1. re: killersmile

      Thanks for the Stillwell's suggestion. Their website lists it. I have never been, so may call ahead on our way from Hana to Wailea before stopping in for a visit.

      Trust me after over a dozen trips to the six major and minor islands, I am not trying to get a copycat experience. I'm simply asking if there are any decent versions on the two islands I'm visiting. Thanks.

      1. re: Bellachefa

        I enjoyed their lilikoi chiffon pie, but felt that I preferred Hamura's version more. When visiting Stillwell's my omiyage of choice for family on Oahu is their cream horns.

    2. Aloha. .
      I can taste Hamura's stunning lilikoi pie now and I've come close with a wedding cake of passion fruit in Maui that was stellar but I don't think Leoda's does lilikoi pie in Lahaina or Home Maid Bakery in Wailuku..the later, used to have delicious malasadas and on par with Leonard's in Waikiki with passion fruit cream..
      Wonder if Costco Maui has the pie..
      I'm there next month and I will check it out..


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        Try the lilikoi malasadas at Amasia.

        Or the li hing mui, plain, and cinnamon malasadas at Sugar Beach Bake Shop (weekend mornings only, they do sell out).

      2. Semi related, Sugar Beach Bake Shop sells a lilikoi key lime pie.

        1. I had an excellent piece of macadamia nut pie at the Coffee Shack in Captain Cook on the BI. I think they had lillikoi chiffon pie as well, but not positive. It was possible to buy entire pies there, so worth a look.