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Aug 11, 2014 09:32 AM

Local mid-high end restaurant with chef actually there?

So I may be asking for the impossible and it's ok if we don't get it. My husband and I will be in Vegas for 2 nights late August and are looking for a place to eat for dinner. We live in Boston but have frequented NYC/California and also Europe/Asia, so we are looking for a mid to high end place where the chef may actually be from Vegas, or even better, present! Wouldn't mind a chef de cuisine who has made a name for him/herself either. It CAN be a celebrity chef, but perhaps one who is based in Vegas. Would prefer places not found in California/NYC/Boston etc. Looking for a place with a nice vibe and good cocktails where time is not of the essence. And, the kicker: on or close to the strip so we don't have to drive (we could cab it). We are staying at Aria. Thanks in advance!

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  1. What do you consider to be mid to high end?

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    1. re: Eric

      Price-wise we would probably spend up to $300 for the two of us, although lower is better. Atmosphere-wise probably looking at places anywhere from gastropubs to hip/trendy to intimate dining settings. We could go higher but we did some really crazy foodie experiences this year already :-)

      1. re: bostongallovesfood

        I'm sure others who are more local will have other (better?) suggestions, but I'll start off by recommending Sage, especially since you are staying at the Aria already. A beautiful room, interesting food and I believe Chef Mclain is in the kitchen (although he is from SoCal, originally - not Vegas) Had a great meal there a few months ago. Everything I tried was delicious. "Foie gras chocolate bar" dessert was a standout.

        1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

          I don't think McClain is there often at all, he still lives in Grosse Ile, Michigan and spends the majority of his time there. He also Is "from" Ohio.

          1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

            Thanks! Sage does look great, but the cuisine is sort of what we are used to in a tasting setting. Maybe looking for something a bit more unique.

          2. re: bostongallovesfood

            Raku. Yonaka. Carnevino (no, Mario isn't there, but Nicole Brisson has been killing it in that kitchen for nearly 2 years.)

            1. re: uhockey

              Awesome! Raku and Carnevino may be possibilities. Don't have a robata grill out here (definitely no good yakitori) so that might be a good option). And Italian is good too!

              1. re: bostongallovesfood

                I would highly recommend Raku, too. It's one of the most reliable restaurants in Las Vegas.

                1. re: Dave Feldman

                  Very cool. I've been reading a lot of great things about it and we definitely don't have a Robata grill place in Boston; would have to head down to NYC to maybe even find one. Looking forward to it!

                  1. re: bostongallovesfood

                    Raku IS a trip and really very reasonably priced.