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Aug 11, 2014 09:13 AM

Dragon Centre Mall Midland Sheppard Area Take Out

On business in the area Wednesday and would appreciate info on take out --- conditions good quality, will not need rice, median price, and especially to travel for several hours and be excellent leftovers for the next day and possibly evening Thursday. Of course expect Chinese, oriental, but any flavourful cuisine welcome. Thanks for any assistance, want to try a different spot, anyway will be at my regular stop at the end of the month, Noodle Delight over at Victoria Park.

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  1. I would take an additional minute and head across Glen Watford to 'Dynasty Center Mall' food court. More choices and better food. BBQ place is very good. The Malaysian take out place outside the plaza has some great authentic SE Asian fare!

    1. Malaysian take out aka One2 Snacks opens only Thurs to Sundays from 11am to 730/800pm :-) "Cheap" & good!

      1. Jar...since you mentioned Noodle Delight...what are the good dishes to order there...have passed that place like a gazillion times and thought about doing a takeout on numerous occasions but ended up going somewhere else...

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          I would love to know too!
          Used to be my 'Won-ton Noodle' go-to place years ago. However, during recent visit, I found the place very run down and menu 'kind of all over the place'. Decided to turn around and leave!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Thank you Charles, will go to Dynasty Centre Mall and hope the Malaysian place is open as well. Re. Noodle Delight, I have not been there for a few months and will still check it out when I go there at the end of the month, can't imagine a huge difference but of course things can and do change! Yes the Won Ton Noodle Soup is what I have for lunch while waiting for my take out orders.

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            warlock, they once had about 7 locations, but what I was told about the closings was that a group of businessmen supposedly set up the businesses to easily immigrate, but later on deciding to invest differently with the sad result that only one location remains. I will be there at the end of the month as the family will be returning from a vacation and not knowing when they will be here, a selection of foods to heat up will make it convenient. Usually, I have a lunch of Won Ton Noodle Soup and the take out order among my favourites would be the Singapore a thin curry rice noodle, the Bangkok a thick rice noodle with beef and black bean sauce, 1 or 2 orders of Yang Chow Fried Rice and for certain 2 orders of Curry Chicken, a Malaysian style curry that has to be amongst the very best available. One thing is if you has for lots of their small containers of chili in oil, do transfer them to a container at home because the heat eats the plastic with passage of time.

          3. Got to check out the area, plazas, etc. and because I had extra time ended up to beat the rush hour at Metro Square in Warden Steeles area. So ended up enjoying a simple bowl of curry Laska that to my pleasant surprise as I ate more became wonderfully hot and spicy. Did not properly check out other stalls and selected two take out dishes. Thanks for info nevertheless!!!!

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              Jar....thanks for the detailed info on Noodle Delight...might just pop in one of these days...

              Since you mentioned Metro Square,I'm assuming you ordered from Lucky Curry house (the store on your extreme right if you're facing the food court)....was there on Monday,I always get the Beef Brisket Curry and Chicken Curry (I'm assuming they same style as you mentioned for Noodle Delight)...I think ownership has changed,the counter girl upfront was different and I saw a lady at the kitchen,been going there for over 10 years and this was the first time I was seing different set of faces..though I did not clarify with them.both the curries were good but felt something was missing....maybe more physcological than anything....
              The taiwanese store on the extreme left is pretty decent...The BBQ store and New Fountain are very average,nothing to write home about....and the other store's keep frequenly changing hands,so you get the idea..