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Aug 11, 2014 08:39 AM

Mother kicked out of restaurant for changing baby's diaper at table.


On Eater this morning.

I've seen a mother do this before, but not get kicked out. I can't say I don't support the restaurant's decision.

  1. Just a point of clarification, article says "at the table," not "on the table." I think there is a substantive difference.

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    1. re: tcamp

      good point. I edited it to reflect that. Still pretty gross.

      1. re: tcamp

        Either situation has no place in a restaurant dining room. That is what a bathroom is for.

        1. re: tcamp

          I think many would disagree. I certainly would.

        2. Who can possible think it"s acceptable to change their child's diaper at a table, in a restaurant, and in the general vicinity of other people trying to eat? I can only surmise it wasn't just a wet diaper either based on the urgency to change it. Tell the waiter you need to leave for a few minutes, take the kids, and go change the diaper in the minivan!

          The article also references the woman who was kicked out of a resto for breastfeeding. Totally different thing.

          If that restaurant is one that typically serves families, they might want to consider a changing table in the rest room. Just sayin'.

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          1. re: PattiCakes

            "If that restaurant is one that typically serves families, they might want to consider a changing table in the rest room. Just sayin'."

            Yep. And if it isn't one that typically serves families, perhaps those with diaper-wearing babies in tow should reconsider dining there.

            1. re: sockii

              I can't get past the contradiction that some restaurants present: they offer a kids' menu, but do not have changing tables in the restrooms. Make up your mind, please! Do you welcome (or tolerate) children, or not? Kids who are still in diapers often eat their own meals...

              PattiCakes, I totally agree with you that the reporter should NOT have brought up breastfeeding in the same article. Food in is appropriate; food out is not. :o

              1. re: truman

                There are many "kids" who don't wear diapers. There is a difference btw kids and babies. BTW, I was in the situation once where my grandson, then under 2, needed to have his diaper changed in a hurry, for the reasons you intimated, and my daughter in law took him out to the mini-van. He created a scene in the parking lot - better than in the restaurant. I would have been pretty upset if she changed him at the table - and he is my grandson.

            2. re: PattiCakes

              I remember when Lulu was 5 months old, and we were in NYC together. I took her to the MoMA and we ate at the Modern. Well, I ate at the modern and she looked like a cute little baby. Her diaper needed changing, I took her to the rest room - no diaper changing station. But I had my diaper bag with me, so onto the floor she went on top of the pad the diaper bag had inside it, and her dipes were changed. No one ended up offended. I got to have a nice meal, she got the experience of being with her happy mom in a non-playground, non-kid oriented place.

              Totally not ok to change your kid in a restaurant other than in the bathroom.

            3. I would have said something, probably something not very nice.

              1. I totally agree with everyone that it's not an acceptable place, and I will not make an excuse for the mother in question. That said, many restaurant bathrooms are also unacceptable places to change a diaper, either because they don't have enough space or are not cleaned well enough or don't have the little fold down changing table. I'd choose the filthy cramped bathroom over the table, but it still pisses me off that some establishments don't seem to give a damn.

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                1. re: LurkerDan

                  Aren't changing pads designed just for such locations (as in, places without a changing table?)

                  1. re: sockii

                    But where would you lay it out in a bathroom? I used to carry the pads and use them even w/ changing tables.

                    If the restaurant didn't have a place to change the baby in the bathroom, we'd go outside to the car. It would never occur to me to do it at the table, even if it were in the car seat. Ewww. I like to keep my appetite as would the other customers.

                    1. re: chowser

                      I used to sit on the lid of the toilet, lay the pad on my knees and change baby that way. It works. Comfortable? no. But not every bathroom has space for a changing table.

                    2. re: sockii

                      Not in my world they aren't. Changing pads are designed to cushion hard surfaces and keep your child off germy surfaces (including the fold-out changing table), but I don't know many parents who would just lay a changing pad on the floor of a public bathroom and be fine with that.

                      sabinaHahn's solution might work, but not every restaurant toilet even has a lid, and I'm not sure I'm into sitting on the toilet seat as I change my kid.

                      As I've already said, I wouldn't change my kid at the table, and I'd make do somewhere else (car, bathroom, whatever) as most parents have had to change their kid in weird and difficult places, but I also get frustrated at the lack of changing tables at kid-friendly establishments. They don't take up very much space.

                    3. re: LurkerDan

                      I've been in a restaurant with my son's family, which includes 4 young 'uns, one of which was in diapers. Even with her own changing pad, my DIL will almost never use a changing station in a bathroom because of the germ and ick factor. We stay with the kids, and one parent or the other will make the trip out to the car to do the changing.

                    4. This is not comparable to breastfeeding! That is a stupid association for the journalist to make

                      I love how all involved mention "see" a dirty diaper or "quickly and quietly" wrong seses people - noise and sight are not your problem - a dirty diaper unleashed SMELLS - OMG I would not want to have to gag down pizza while smelling poo

                      otoh throwing them out after the fact seems pointless - I mean the deed was done already right.

                      some people have no class

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                      1. re: JTPhilly

                        The odor was what I was thinking of first as well. Plus I have to imagine it would be some kind of health code violation, yes?

                        1. re: JTPhilly

                          This is the problem - that this is remotely relatable to breast feeding. Breast feeding is an issue of whether or not a public space deems the act "vulgar". Not unsanitary.

                          Also - I am not a parent so I am neither looking for changing tables or making establishment choices based on kid friendliness - but how mainstream is it for public restrooms to have a changing table? Essentially, how reasonable is the assumption of "I thought you would have one, and that assumption was valid".

                          1. re: JTPhilly

                            I think the connection was "women who have been thrown out of restaurants for something having to do with a baby". Dumb.