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Aug 11, 2014 07:26 AM

Water Bath Canning a tomato soup "base"

I do not own a pressure canner, but I was thinking about creating a tomato soup "base" in which I could then add cream and pasta. I have made some pasta sauce using this recipe and was wondering about making the same sauce, but then blending and straining it. I have already canned a bunch of halved tomatoes, but was looking for something that would be easier for quick weeknight meals.
Any suggestions or recipes for a "safe" waterbath canning recipe would be helpful!

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    "Safe" recipes have been tested the way they are written. If you blend and strain you are changing the density of the food and it may or not be safe when water bath canned at the recommended time.

    Annie's Salsa is a safe recipe (she went through the process of having it tested,) and the dry seasonings can be changed as long as they keep the same measurements, (you can also eliminate the sugar in it,) so instead of salsa it can be a meatless pasta sauce base or a soup base, etc. See all of the notes in the OP of this thread:


    Not a great direct answer, but this forum has always been useful to me:

    The advice I've gotten is summarized as: "Don't try to can recipes. Can ingredients."

    The takeaway I have had is that there are tried and true ways of safely putting away ingredients.

    Also, the USDA publishes a great handbook on canning: