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Mar 27, 2006 04:54 PM


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What is the big deal with the Java U Cafes
Everyone is always bragging about them, but I think they suck.

I have been to the one on Queen Mary, Guy and today in Old Montreal.

While the places are stylish, the coffee and food is horrible.

Today they served me the worst Cappuccino coffee and the waiter had the nerve to tell me "Look how beautiful the foam is" "I am a artist" "I hope you appreciate it it took me 15 mins to make"

I wanted to tell him look is good, but nothing if it doesn't taste good.

Then I went to the bathroom and they had the storage door open and boxes of glasses laying all on the floor next to the urinals.

Very weird.

Anyone else ever had such experiences and in your view where are the best places for a great Capp or Espresso?

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  1. These days, debate as to the best espresso-based drinks usually centres on Caffè ArtJava (, Caffè Italia (6840 St-Laurent in Little Italy) and Café Olympico aka Open Da Night (124 St-Viateur West). All three pull excellent shots, though ArtJava excels in milk-based drinks.

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      I have had good experiences with Java U in the past, but stopped in at Art Java a few weeks ago (without having heard the hype - so no expectations) and had an absolutley fantastic coffee. Will return soon to sample the menu - any suggestions?

      1. re: Sam

        ummm.... sam, requesting menu ref for a cafe sounds a bit..over the top even for a mvd like artjava. good cupajava but definitely not a destination for delectable food self serve only take a number wait and (depending on time of day) wait (people front of me perusing menu and yes single cash only)and wait but patient me holding plastified number this is important as found out later cause they then bring food to your numbered table (yes that number). what i did end up with looked and tasted remarkably identical to javau sandwiches..hmmm would this be an irony or coincidence if same caterer serviced both locations. and yes the little appleshapedfoam thingy drawn on top of my latte made the 40min(17min wait 13min eat) elapsed lunch entirely worthwhile.(i think..

    2. java u is the perfect example hampsted/CSL/the West Island's complete lack of taste and refinement despite their pretentious tastes for upscale prefab garbage

      1. It's so funny you should mention this because I'm a student at Concordia University, where we have a Java U in the main building. The atmosphere is pretty much created by laid back students, which is okay. But I always wonder how anyone, especially poor students,can afford the waaaay overpriced food!

        Also, has anyone been to the Westmount Java U, where at night it becomes a fancy restaurant? So you can't go in to sit for coffee past like 5pm. It's ridiculous!

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        1. re: Kristin

          Which tells me you like it.....which is perfectly fine. Old Montreal JU turned into a nightclub at night but I was too busy elsewhere to ever go back and see it. As frustrated said, he/she likes it too just has some gripes. For me, being in Montreal is like stepping out of the desert and into an oasis, so maybe I'm less critical of things because of that. Except pizza, Monteal has awful pizza, but most pizza anywhere is awful until you find the few local good ones.

        2. sure they are nice im mean i've been going to the one queen mary since it opened but if u want my opinion its the management that is bringing it down. I find that the people they hire are unacceptable. i had a server tell me "that im gonna take my time to do it just because you are rushed" how more obnoxious can a person be. Management should take care of their clients and treat them right if they dont want to lose customers. Apart from that the atmosphere is great but the food is overpriced so go there if u wanna treat yourself

          1. Java U may not be good for anything but atmosphere, but that is good enough for me. The sandwich I had wasn't great either, but i enjoyed the stone and the atmosphere at the one in Old Montreal, didn't get to see the others, I was too busy on my weekend trips checking everything else out. Been years (2005) since I was last in town. Historical stone/cement has personality, whereas modern buildings are ok if constructed well, but lacking that beautiful feeling of history and grandeur you experience in a wonderful old relic.