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What I should I serve with the champagne for a wedding toast?

My girlfriend and I are getting married 11am in front of about 35 people. The ceremony is very simple and we're having a larger party later that will have more food and more booze.

It's all very DIY -- the reception features a hot dog bar.

And we're trying to figure out what we can serve with the champagne so it's not, you know, just champagne.

We've going down a route that includes tortilla espaƱola, scones, berries, strata, irish soda bread. Not together, of course. And we're just having a hard time deciding.

Ideally, I can make it the day before the wedding (I know, I know but I need to be doing something to keep the edge off) and we can transport pretty easily when we head up the wedding site itself.

I'd love any suggestions.

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  1. Potato chips! A classic fun pairing.

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      ok carlee - i've actually made these from a magazine recipe from several years ago and they would be super fun at a champagne toast!

      take salt and pepper potato chips (kettle chips are widely available), place a small amount of lox on top. add a spot of sour cream. if you want to do dairy free, you can do lox, caper, and a super thin smidge of lemon. you can top with sprinkle of parsley if you'd like the color.

      these are great - they really get the guests talking and enjoying themselves! i've made them numerous times for parties and they are always a hit. and, easy enough to test beforehand ;))))

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        omg those salmon chips sound DEVINE.

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        I second the potato chips. Another one that's really good is to make some pepperoni crisps: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/cr...

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          +1. You shouldn't need food with the toast but if you do want to serve something, it should be very light and informal, not a plated or passed appetizer. Some bowls of fancy savory popcorn would match the tone of the hot dog bar that's coming later.

          And congratulations! May you be very happy together.

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            Okay, so yours is going to be laid back and the attached link is for more formal, but you can see when the toast is given and by whom. And that you wouldn't be serving food at that time. BTW, best wishes.


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              I wonder if you could do a gougeres croquembouche.

              I'd consider something like truffles or chocolate covered strawberries. Cliche but good.

            2. will your guests be seated or standing around and socializing when the toasts are being made? if the latter, you don't need food served then. people should be focusing on the speakers. if the former, normal steps of service would be that the first course would be served and cleared before toasting begins.

              if people are seated but your buffet has yet to begin? baskets of home-made chips or fancy popcorn (as suggested already) can be set out on the tables. even nicer is little paper cones for each person, so a million hands aren't grabbing into the bowls.


              1. Wedding cake
                Cheese straws

                Cut the cake, pour the champagne, and toast. Congratulations!

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                  you're suggesting the wedding cake before the meal?

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                    When I got married, it was a very relaxed reception (at our home). Some people had to leave early, and missed the cake. I wished we had cut the cakes first before everyone ate the main meal. Cake and champagne is awesome!

                2. I think a tortilla bite would work perfectly if you can find the time to make it. Small individual quiches would work as well. Seeing as you have a Hot Dog bar at the main event any small bite would work and be fun!

                  1. Congratulations!! My first thought: nothing but the champagne.

                    But, if you must have something, I'd favor some cheese on crackers...

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                      I agree -- just the champagne. Obviously a non-alcoholic alternative for those who choose, but the champagne can (and should) stand on its own.

                      1. re: sunshine842

                        If you had not mentioned it, sunshine, I would have. I am jumping in just to underscore- its not always obvious when planning a wedding- remember those who would prefer non-alcohol. Planning in advance is less awkward for servers and guests.

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                        Me three, keep it simple. If forced, I'd put out lovely fresh strawberries to nibble with the champagne.

                      3. i like your scone idea.

                        keeps well.
                        travels well.
                        not fussy
                        EASY to serve
                        easy to eat without getting it all over yourself
                        easy to eat without having the darn thing fall apart in the process

                        goes well with champagne

                        1. The toast is after the ceremony yet not part of the reception...?
                          Weddings i've attended had the champagne toast at some point during the meal, just after the salad course or right after everyone helped themselves at the buffet...if you're passing glasses at thewedding ceremony site before moving on to the reception later i vote for individual servings of fancy potato chips or popcorn (with napkins!)


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                            French weddings have the ceremony, then a vin d'honneur (wine of honor)that includes a Champagne toast (without accompaniments) - then those nearest to the bride and groom stick around for the dinner and dancing.

                            (it's a pretty interesting dance of etiquette -- lots are invited to the vin d'honneur -- a reception with nibbles, but the Champagne stands alone, fewer are invited to the ceremony, fewer yet are invited to the dinner, and only the most inner circle are invited to breakfast the next morning)

                          2. I don't think you need anything but the champagne and maybe some non alcoholic beverage for those who don't drink, like chilled sparkling grape juice. Go fancy and place some raspberries, pitted cherries, strawberries or blackberries in the glasses prior to filling them. You said it's a toast, it doesn't need anything else.

                            Besides, a scone & a glass of champagne just doesn't go together, sorry.

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                            1. re: Cherylptw

                              Agree. And there are all sorts of wonderful (even French) sparkling fruit juices available.

                              1. re: Cherylptw

                                plus then you have crumbly scones all down everyone's attire...nah.

                                1. re: sunshine842

                                  my thought too. unless a scone is bite-size? even so they suck without butter/jam or clotted cream, all of which require a utensil and a plate.

                                  1. re: hotoynoodle

                                    Right; if it were brunch, yes, champagne or mimosa, scones & eggs benny. A toast? It stands alone.

                                    1. re: hotoynoodle

                                      and if they're gong to have clotted cream and strawberry jam, then they don't go with Champagne anyway.

                                      They need a strong cup of tea and quaint little tea room somewhere, preferably overlooking the sea. :)

                                2. If it's for a toast, then I'm with others who reckon there's no usual need for food at this stage.

                                  1. Something simple. Nothing heavy or messy. I'm not a fan of eating whole strawberries at formal events because the juice drips everywhere and leaves stains, my hands get sticky, etc.

                                    I'd go with gourmet potato chips and spiced nuts. Easy to pick up, no stains or juice, and goes well with alcohol.

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                                    1. OK, I'm writing this as if I were invited to an event like this.

                                      I think it will be too late in the day for the "breakfast" strategy.

                                      I would go with nice cheese/breads/crackers and maybe antipasto things like olives etc.

                                      1. I wish OP would post and elaborate a bit on the logistics of the celebration.

                                        1. First off, thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I appreciate it. Given the input, I think we are just going to go with some chips. We want a little bit of nosh so we aren't serving just champagne (I'm not entirely sure why that feels wrong but it does).

                                          And thanks also for the reminder to have non-alcoholic beverages. There will be kids there too so we'll be sure to have a variety of beverages for the toast.

                                          The ceremony is on the terrace of a church in Berkeley, Ca with a view of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge. It's going to be short -- and with only about 35 people -- and we 'll give a toast and then pack up and leave.

                                          The reception and big party is a couple hours later.

                                          And thanks for the congratulations. We're ridiculously excited.

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                                            When I was underage or not drinking alcohol, I always appreciated hosts who had sparkling apple cider available so everyone could toast with something bubbly.

                                            Congrats on the impending nuptials!

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                                              So the champagne toast is immediately before leaving for the reception? I think chips will look a little shabby actually. I think leaving it beverage alone underscores what it is, a quick toast to the happy couple and then often for shindig. Chips alone seems kind of sad. Appetizers will delay you hours. Either upgrade or simplify.