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Aug 10, 2014 03:00 PM

What to do when steak (or other meats) are served cold?

I enjoy steaks and most other meats served medium-rare (pork served medium). Recently I've had a string of nice restaurants serve me meat entrees which were cold, or lukewarm at best (not high end steakhouses, but not Outback or Sizzler either). I hate eating cold food, but on each of these recent occasions when I've sent the food back, it was returned to me sizzling, but so well done as to be inedible. Of course, the ideal solution to a cold steak is to cook another one, but this is rarely done except at high end steakhouses where fortunately the problem rarely arises. What's the best thing to do when served a cold steak (or other meat)? It seems like sending it back is a no-winner!

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  1. Find restaurants that prepare meat properly/to your liking - as in, the first or *at least* the second time around.

    1. well, if i asked for medium rare and after i sent it back for heating, it came back well-done, i'd send it back again. and then cross that place off my list. it can't be too hard to get meats right - i can do it at home on my weber with consistency and i'm no genius.

      1. When you send it back tell them you will not except an overcooked Steak as a replacement. If it arrives overcooked have it removed from your bill and cross them off your list.

        1. When you send the meat back, you need to make it clear that you want it heated back up to proper serving/eating temperature, NOT cooked to a greater degree of doneness. It's the difference between putting it in a hot oven for a couple of minutes and nuking it on high power or sticking it under a salamander or into a sizzling pan.

          1. As if getting a cool steak isn't bad enough, getting it back cooked to kingdom come is just adding injury to insult.