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Alize - review is coming, but first a question to the CH community

In a dining environment like Las Vegas nothing bugs me more than the service staff doing disservice to the cuisine...except unnecessary upcharges. With that noted, take a look at this menu:


Written as listed (both here, and the downloadable version) how do you interpret the first listed course? Particulaly pay note to the "description" above about the first option being Purdy, the second being Rochat, and the third being Vegetarian.

A) A supplemental course
B) A Course where the third option (with truffles) carries a $20 surcharge
C) A simple mistake where the second is actually the vegetarian option

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  1. Yes that is quite confusing. Along with the reasons you mentioned, it says the tasting menu is 7 courses, so why are there 8 groupings of dishes?

    1. Yes - very confusing! My take is that the caviar is a supplemental course ("In addition to a few recommended items, Chef Purdy’s decadent Summer Tasting Menu offers 7 courses..."). Any of the three options are available for the price of $20.

      1. That really is awkward. Since it says "Recommended" above the various caviar riffs, it looks like an invitation to an upcharge for an added course. But even that causes some head scratching - if the regular menu has a Golden Osetra appetizer for $185, one wonders how a $20 bite would be composed.

        1. If its "recommended", especially as a first course, shouldn't they just up the price of the tasting menu by $20 and make it 8 courses? Makes no sense to do it like this.

          1. ...then again, the "Recommended" at the top could indicate the whole menu.

            ...and, when sitting there at the table, is anyone really counting the number of courses listed thinking "hmmm, there are 8 courses, not 7."

            1. If the first two options are not "free," then the $20 supplement for the truffle caviar makes no sense. But it IS confusing. I think a call might be in order.

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                I already went. I know the answer. I'm just trying to see what others think. This is for discussion purposes as I've never seen something quite like it in any fine dining spot.

              2. After careful review and counting the number of courses, it is clear (finally!) to me that this is a "recommended" supplemental course.

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                  ...but then why ONLY place the $20 under the bottom option while ignoring the caveat THEY set regarding the Purdy/Rochat/Vegetarian option. Should one not think that it is the truffles carrying the supplement?

                  1. re: uhockey

                    Thinking like a computer programmer I'm of the opinion that the "recommended" and the "$20 supplement" bracket the three choices and apply to all of them.

                    Meanwhile, vegetarian could apply to either the second or third choice in the "recommended" section.

                    1. re: kagemusha49

                      I snickered at the computer programmer part, admittedly, but they go out of their way to call #2 "Vegetarian" while highlighting truffles - an ingredient frequently commanding upcharge - on the course listed above the upcharge.

                      I understand your point (though you, too, obviously see mine based on your original response) but find the intent to be confusion.

                2. I would guess you could substitute this group for the group underneath for $20...

                  the website is not edited well. on the a la carte menu the duck breast is a bargain at only $4!

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                  1. re: chrisdds98

                    Oh wow, there is another thought. Nice. :)

                  2. Do they still have those ancient "silver domes" that they pull off to reveal each course? We got a good laugh out of that, thinking we were on an 80s cruise ship! Hopefully, you had a better experience than we had around Valentine's day last year. The only good thing I could remember is the view.

                    The whole Palms property needs a refresh.

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                    1. I have many friends who are graphic designers. I'm betting that they would blame the person who laid out the menu for all this confusion.

                      1. Looks like someone from the restaurant checks this board. glad they got it fixed. however, $4 duck breast is still available, get it while it lasts!

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                          I wrote the GM, actually, and linked them to this thread.