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Aug 10, 2014 12:42 PM

Suggestions for dinner in Healdsburg area

We will be in Healdsburg area for several nights. Zin is on our dinner list, but we'd like additional suggestions for great eats not too far from Healdsburg. Looking more for casual dining than formal/fancy. Thanks!

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  1. Willie's Seafood is always a staple for us. It, like most places in town, gets very crowded during the summer. But it has a good wine list, decent food and a nice patio. Not fancy at all.

    1. the most original and creative cooking from locally sourced foods in your immediate vicinity will be at Mateo's Cocina on the chef's specialties menu.

      1. Bravas Bar de Tapas, hands down.

        if the weather is nice, sit on the patio. Bravas is owned by the same people who own Willie's Wine Bar but for me, infinitely better food. fantastic cocktails too.

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          We agree, Bravas wins over both Willie's, to us. And don't miss the sherry flights, outstanding both dry and sweet! Love Bravas' patio, like Girl & Fig only bigger; like sitting in a friend's backyard.

        2. By the way, no one has mentioned that I think it is very difficult to find formal/fancy dining in Healdsburg.

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            In the more formal vein would be Madrona Manor, which has top notch service, and perhaps Dry Creek Kitchen. Other than that, everything else has quite a casual atmosphere even though the cooking might be quite elevated and not at all rustic.

            Here's a recent thread with suggestions that could be helpful for ChefJune,

            P.S. I'm not a fan of Willi's Seafood.

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              I had dinner at Madrona Manor last night and was really blown away at how good it was. I think they should receive a second Michelin star. I was comparing it to the dinner I had at Manresa a couple years ago and think it was very similar in terms of consistency, creativity & flavor.

              Some of the standouts were the onion veloute, with a slow-cooked egg you mix into the soup, the asparagus with vegetarian "dashi", the scallop crudo, and the Japanese wagyu. But actually every course was memorable, with really good wine pairings.

              It's not that formal but is very elegant.

          2. Great recommendations so far, if you don't mind driving a little, Geyserville is just a couple of exits north of Healdsburg on 101. Diavola pizza and salumeria is a must hit spot.

            Almost next door to Diavola is Local's Tasting room. They offer wine from many Sonoma producers who are too small to have their own tasting rooms. Interesting wines at reasonable prices.

            Also, Bravas Tapas has a great happy hour deal if you want a light snack or early dinner.


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              Hi, may I know if the happy hour at Bravas is still on? Saw on their facebook about happy hours being no more from march till winter - anyone can verify?

              Any other places with great happy hour we can have as an option ( as in eating around the times of 3-6pm) - thanks!