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Aug 10, 2014 11:59 AM

Snappy Patty's West Medford: An early report

We stopped into Snappy Patty's this past Friday evening. It was only their second day after opening their doors so I'm offering this very early report with more to come after additional visits.

The space is great, funky, cute and intimate. Colorful stylized paintings adorn the walls and a corrugated steel bar flanks one side of the restaurant. The kitchen is open but towards the back so you get a limited but sufficient view of the cooking action.

The menu is touted on their website as "Upscale contemporary American with a world influence". It is also touted as "Fine Dining meets Burger Joint" and on the menu itself... fun food. There's an inherent problem here with, what seems to be, a menu that doesn't actually know what it is. That being said, there is much to like on the menu, much to try and prices that are easy on the pocket book.

Think small plates.

We kept it simple. We ordered patty melts and fried chicken. The patty melts are quite good but it should be noted, these are sliders. $6.25 gets you 3 small burgers (there are 6 options) or you can order the sliders individually at $2.25 each. The fried chicken is a medium-sized bowl of buttermilk marinated BONELESS chicken thighs, about 5 or 6 pieces. Served with Bourbon BBQ sauce. The fried chicken was a stand out even though the crispy thin batter had a tendency to fall off the meat. At $9 I will order this every time I step into the place.

Service was friendly and exactly what you would expect from a second day, a little scattered. We saw some delicious looking salads come out of the kitchen and I look forward to trying other things on the menu.

My major criticism at this point is the Patty Melt itself. The homemade bread is awesome, the burger delicious, the toppings are great, now please give it to me in an adult version. Sliders will not cut it. I want a fat juicy SINGLE grown up sized patty melt.

They will be adding brunch service soon and the menu is already up on the website. I can imagine them building a huge brunch following as this neighborhood is woefully absent of any brunch spots.

Snappy Patty's
454 High Street, Medford, MA, United States
781 214 4440

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  1. Patty melts and fried chicken

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      1. re: treb

        Completely agreed. I have sent them a note as they were looking for feedback on Chowhound. Hoping they take it to heart.

      2. re: UnclePH

        I was also disappointed that it wasn't an actual adult sized burger. Mine were also completely raw. I was disgusted. The fish tacos were also too overpowered by ginger. I didn't like them.

        1. re: Imstahvinkid

          To be fair, I returned to try more items. I tried the fried chicken. It was very good. The salad was also good with very tasty dressing. The drinks are quite good as well. I wasn't up to trying the sliders again just yet. I'll wait to see if they get tweaked a bit before I do. Hopefully they decide to make a bigger burger option. Go try the fried chicken. You won't be disappointed.

      3. Wow, those patty melts look impossibly lame. Nope.

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        1. re: Jenny Ondioline

          Yeah, that picture pretty much guaranteed I wasn't going to go out of my way to check it out

          1. re: jgg13

            I don't think i have ever eaten cheese on a burger in my life, but the patty melts at Park were highly praised by Rich Chudy. Do you love those?

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              Dunno, I went there once and wasn't super happy and never had a reason to go back.

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                Coincidentally, I had the patty melt at Park just yesterday for the first time. I thought it was ok. A nice rendition of the patty melt but certainly nothing worth making a trip for. The biggest disappointment on my plate though was not the patty melt. My fries were woefully undercooked. The least cooked fries I have ever been served in a restaurant. I almost said something to the waiter (anyone ever sent back fries?) but I was pretty full after the patty melt and some of my wife's food so I didn't bother. It's too bad because they were the McDonald's style thin fries that are some of my favorite. Just poor execution.

                1. re: Gordough

                  The first time we ate at Strip Ts, I tried to send my fries back -- they were stone cold -- but since the waitress disappeared,I couldn't.

          2. Funny, the menu says the Patty Melts are 1/3 lb. ground beef. Pretty misleading. Hopefully they'll hit their stride soon. No thanks on the sliders for me.

            1. thnx much for the early report, uncle!It's 10 min from our house so i am crossing my fingers. But the real reason i'm excited about it is that the chef made one of my fav dishes at the Lamb Cook-off at the Cambr Sonesta not too long ago. I never did get to eat his food at Citizen Publick, but now there's no excuse...! I have been in a real clam chowder mood lately, and his inaugural menu has an excellent sounding one (though i can't figure out why one would use razor clams in a chowder, given thet they are relatively expensive AND not consistently available.... But maybe it's a "well, let's make it sound different" item that will actually be made w/ whatever clams are available.)But anyway, i'm psyched to see what he does at this new and sorely needed spot.

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              1. re: opinionatedchef

                I'm looking forward to hearing what you think, OC. Again, the food was great! I think they will find success there. As you said, that location is in desperate need of a good local spot.

              2. I want to be enthused, but I'm really not.

                I was so excited that there'd be a decent place we could walk down to for some reasonably-priced food and a beer (Bistro 5 is special-occasion prices for us). But the only actual vegetarian entree (aside from any specials of the day, but I don't expect to see any) is ricotta gnocchi, which are to today what fettuchini alfredo was to the 80's -- the no-thought-required veggie option -- in fact, that's the current veggie option at Bistro 5, too.

                And I agree that those are not patty melts. Those are sliders on bread instead of buns, which is just weird.

                The brunch menu is a lot more intriguing, and I'm sure we'll check it out, but we were really hoping for a dinner spot.

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                1. re: antimony

                  We didn't have a salad but, the salads I saw coming out of the kitchen looked great. I'm curious to try the grilled chilled melon salad and see how that holds up. You could add a protein to the salads, but if you are looking for strictly vegetarian options, I did not see one. I wonder if they will add vegetarian options to the slider/burger offering.

                  1. re: UnclePH

                    Here's hoping. Yeah, the chilled melon salad looks tasty, but not like much food.

                    People have been comparing this a lot to Citizen's Public, but I've been much more impressed by their choices. Not a huge list of veg choices, but they're more outside the box.

                    Plus, what's up with not a single whiskey drink on the cocktail list? Do they not have a full license and are playing games with what they can serve on a beer/wine/cordial license?

                    1. re: antimony

                      We don't drink so we didn't order cocktails, but it looked like the bar was fully stocked. I was actually kind of impressed that they got open with a full liquor license. So many new restaurants seem to open without their liquor license and operate that way for a couple weeks.

                  2. re: antimony

                    Although I agree that those slider-looking things are NOT patty melts, I thought patty melts were *supposed* to be on bread (and not buns)?

                    1. re: Prav

                      I actually thought that if you were completely anal about these kinds of definitions, it was supposed to be on rye bread, with caraway seeds. But my memory can be faulty.

                      1. re: smtucker

                        No, you're totally right - rye - but certainly not white buns.

                        1. re: Prav

                          They are serving theirs on a house-made olive oil brioche (although our server referred to it as Challa)

                          1. re: UnclePH

                            More importantly, the whole thing needs to be *grilled*, similar to a grilled cheese sandwich. Those just look like burgers on toast. Meh.

                      2. re: Prav

                        Oh, yes, patty melts should be on bread. But sliders IMHO should be on buns. So they're a bizarre slider-melt mashup.

                        (Though what do I know, I'm a lifelong vegetarian who's only eaten equally-sacrilegious vegetarian versions.)

                      3. re: antimony

                        I had the melon salad. It was the standout of the night for me. It had a delicious cheese on it and some smokey oil that in combo were incredible. They forgot to give us croutons which were okay with. It also had quinoa on it which added nothing. But overall I loved the salad.

                        1. re: antimony

                          Well, as an update to my reaction: the current specials list does have a veg. entree and it is much more interesting (sunchoke ravioli), so I'm expecting we'll head down as soon as we have a free evening and want to go out.

                          They've also updated the menu to call the burgers "patty melt sliders".

                          1. re: antimony

                            Yes, I saw that, too. The sunchoke ravioli sounds amazing. I also noted that the Brunch menu has a 1/2 lb burger patty on the menu. Fingers crossed! I think it would be a great idea for them to feature a "Melt" of the day. Go ahead and proceed with the sliders, but offer a daily full-scale patty melt.

                          2. re: antimony

                            anti, if you are a diner who doesn't like to make special requests, then i think your brunch idea may be the best for you. But if you like to request , I think you will find this to be a most relaxed and flexible kitchen that wants you to be happy. I bet you would love the set-up from the pollock plate; we were wicked happy that they had no problem putting it with our chicken.In fact, as vegetable knowledge goes, the fact that he has celery root and jerusalem artichoke on his first menu,bodes very well imo.Hopefully he'll turn out more interesting entrees for you in the future.