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Snappy Patty's West Medford: An early report

We stopped into Snappy Patty's this past Friday evening. It was only their second day after opening their doors so I'm offering this very early report with more to come after additional visits.

The space is great, funky, cute and intimate. Colorful stylized paintings adorn the walls and a corrugated steel bar flanks one side of the restaurant. The kitchen is open but towards the back so you get a limited but sufficient view of the cooking action.

The menu is touted on their website as "Upscale contemporary American with a world influence". It is also touted as "Fine Dining meets Burger Joint" and on the menu itself... fun food. There's an inherent problem here with, what seems to be, a menu that doesn't actually know what it is. That being said, there is much to like on the menu, much to try and prices that are easy on the pocket book.

Think small plates.

We kept it simple. We ordered patty melts and fried chicken. The patty melts are quite good but it should be noted, these are sliders. $6.25 gets you 3 small burgers (there are 6 options) or you can order the sliders individually at $2.25 each. The fried chicken is a medium-sized bowl of buttermilk marinated BONELESS chicken thighs, about 5 or 6 pieces. Served with Bourbon BBQ sauce. The fried chicken was a stand out even though the crispy thin batter had a tendency to fall off the meat. At $9 I will order this every time I step into the place.

Service was friendly and exactly what you would expect from a second day, a little scattered. We saw some delicious looking salads come out of the kitchen and I look forward to trying other things on the menu.

My major criticism at this point is the Patty Melt itself. The homemade bread is awesome, the burger delicious, the toppings are great, now please give it to me in an adult version. Sliders will not cut it. I want a fat juicy SINGLE grown up sized patty melt.

They will be adding brunch service soon and the menu is already up on the website. I can imagine them building a huge brunch following as this neighborhood is woefully absent of any brunch spots.

Snappy Patty's
454 High Street, Medford, MA, United States
781 214 4440


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  1. Patty melts and fried chicken

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      1. re: treb

        Completely agreed. I have sent them a note as they were looking for feedback on Chowhound. Hoping they take it to heart.

      2. re: UnclePH

        I was also disappointed that it wasn't an actual adult sized burger. Mine were also completely raw. I was disgusted. The fish tacos were also too overpowered by ginger. I didn't like them.

        1. re: Imstahvinkid

          To be fair, I returned to try more items. I tried the fried chicken. It was very good. The salad was also good with very tasty dressing. The drinks are quite good as well. I wasn't up to trying the sliders again just yet. I'll wait to see if they get tweaked a bit before I do. Hopefully they decide to make a bigger burger option. Go try the fried chicken. You won't be disappointed.

      3. Wow, those patty melts look impossibly lame. Nope.

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        1. re: Jenny Ondioline

          Yeah, that picture pretty much guaranteed I wasn't going to go out of my way to check it out

          1. re: jgg13

            I don't think i have ever eaten cheese on a burger in my life, but the patty melts at Park were highly praised by Rich Chudy. Do you love those?

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              Dunno, I went there once and wasn't super happy and never had a reason to go back.

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                Coincidentally, I had the patty melt at Park just yesterday for the first time. I thought it was ok. A nice rendition of the patty melt but certainly nothing worth making a trip for. The biggest disappointment on my plate though was not the patty melt. My fries were woefully undercooked. The least cooked fries I have ever been served in a restaurant. I almost said something to the waiter (anyone ever sent back fries?) but I was pretty full after the patty melt and some of my wife's food so I didn't bother. It's too bad because they were the McDonald's style thin fries that are some of my favorite. Just poor execution.

                1. re: Gordough

                  The first time we ate at Strip Ts, I tried to send my fries back -- they were stone cold -- but since the waitress disappeared,I couldn't.

          2. Funny, the menu says the Patty Melts are 1/3 lb. ground beef. Pretty misleading. Hopefully they'll hit their stride soon. No thanks on the sliders for me.

            1. thnx much for the early report, uncle!It's 10 min from our house so i am crossing my fingers. But the real reason i'm excited about it is that the chef made one of my fav dishes at the Lamb Cook-off at the Cambr Sonesta not too long ago. I never did get to eat his food at Citizen Publick, but now there's no excuse...! I have been in a real clam chowder mood lately, and his inaugural menu has an excellent sounding one (though i can't figure out why one would use razor clams in a chowder, given thet they are relatively expensive AND not consistently available.... But maybe it's a "well, let's make it sound different" item that will actually be made w/ whatever clams are available.)But anyway, i'm psyched to see what he does at this new and sorely needed spot.

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              1. re: opinionatedchef

                I'm looking forward to hearing what you think, OC. Again, the food was great! I think they will find success there. As you said, that location is in desperate need of a good local spot.

              2. I want to be enthused, but I'm really not.

                I was so excited that there'd be a decent place we could walk down to for some reasonably-priced food and a beer (Bistro 5 is special-occasion prices for us). But the only actual vegetarian entree (aside from any specials of the day, but I don't expect to see any) is ricotta gnocchi, which are to today what fettuchini alfredo was to the 80's -- the no-thought-required veggie option -- in fact, that's the current veggie option at Bistro 5, too.

                And I agree that those are not patty melts. Those are sliders on bread instead of buns, which is just weird.

                The brunch menu is a lot more intriguing, and I'm sure we'll check it out, but we were really hoping for a dinner spot.

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                1. re: antimony

                  We didn't have a salad but, the salads I saw coming out of the kitchen looked great. I'm curious to try the grilled chilled melon salad and see how that holds up. You could add a protein to the salads, but if you are looking for strictly vegetarian options, I did not see one. I wonder if they will add vegetarian options to the slider/burger offering.

                  1. re: UnclePH

                    Here's hoping. Yeah, the chilled melon salad looks tasty, but not like much food.

                    People have been comparing this a lot to Citizen's Public, but I've been much more impressed by their choices. Not a huge list of veg choices, but they're more outside the box.

                    Plus, what's up with not a single whiskey drink on the cocktail list? Do they not have a full license and are playing games with what they can serve on a beer/wine/cordial license?

                    1. re: antimony

                      We don't drink so we didn't order cocktails, but it looked like the bar was fully stocked. I was actually kind of impressed that they got open with a full liquor license. So many new restaurants seem to open without their liquor license and operate that way for a couple weeks.

                  2. re: antimony

                    Although I agree that those slider-looking things are NOT patty melts, I thought patty melts were *supposed* to be on bread (and not buns)?

                    1. re: Prav

                      I actually thought that if you were completely anal about these kinds of definitions, it was supposed to be on rye bread, with caraway seeds. But my memory can be faulty.

                      1. re: smtucker

                        No, you're totally right - rye - but certainly not white buns.

                        1. re: Prav

                          They are serving theirs on a house-made olive oil brioche (although our server referred to it as Challa)

                          1. re: UnclePH

                            More importantly, the whole thing needs to be *grilled*, similar to a grilled cheese sandwich. Those just look like burgers on toast. Meh.

                      2. re: Prav

                        Oh, yes, patty melts should be on bread. But sliders IMHO should be on buns. So they're a bizarre slider-melt mashup.

                        (Though what do I know, I'm a lifelong vegetarian who's only eaten equally-sacrilegious vegetarian versions.)

                      3. re: antimony

                        I had the melon salad. It was the standout of the night for me. It had a delicious cheese on it and some smokey oil that in combo were incredible. They forgot to give us croutons which were okay with. It also had quinoa on it which added nothing. But overall I loved the salad.

                        1. re: antimony

                          Well, as an update to my reaction: the current specials list does have a veg. entree and it is much more interesting (sunchoke ravioli), so I'm expecting we'll head down as soon as we have a free evening and want to go out.

                          They've also updated the menu to call the burgers "patty melt sliders".

                          1. re: antimony

                            Yes, I saw that, too. The sunchoke ravioli sounds amazing. I also noted that the Brunch menu has a 1/2 lb burger patty on the menu. Fingers crossed! I think it would be a great idea for them to feature a "Melt" of the day. Go ahead and proceed with the sliders, but offer a daily full-scale patty melt.

                          2. re: antimony

                            anti, if you are a diner who doesn't like to make special requests, then i think your brunch idea may be the best for you. But if you like to request , I think you will find this to be a most relaxed and flexible kitchen that wants you to be happy. I bet you would love the set-up from the pollock plate; we were wicked happy that they had no problem putting it with our chicken.In fact, as vegetable knowledge goes, the fact that he has celery root and jerusalem artichoke on his first menu,bodes very well imo.Hopefully he'll turn out more interesting entrees for you in the future.

                          3. If I ordered a patty melt off, expecting what one might get at, say, Friendly's or The Park, and was served those instead, I could see possibly being disappointed. But now that we all know what they are, can't we just stop complaining about what they're called and focus on whether they're any good? I mean c'mon already; why is it that people get all upset when a restaurant tries a riff on a classic?

                            I once ordered a banh mi at East Coast Grill. (Do a search if you want to find my discussion.) I was 100% sure that it was not going to be a traditional banh mi, but I mostly was disappointed because it wasn't all that good. So now we're all 100% sure these are not traditional patty melts; let's try to focus on whether they're any good.

                            (In a discussion on the Manhattan board, someone started a thread to hail some baby back ribs they recently had eaten, and another poster took the discussion into what I thought was a pedantic direction about what constitutes "barbecue." Fine, I get it, these ribs are not "barbecue" in the traditional sense. But are they delicious?)

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                            1. re: Blumie


                              I don't see what the big deal is considering someone posted a picture of the patty melts in question. One could certainly argue that they should be tried and then subsequently reviewed as opposed to reviewing after just viewing a picture but you have to admit that the picture looks pretty sad especially for a place that aims to focus on them.

                              By way of analogy, if there was a new place focusing on buffalo chicken wings that just opened, wouldn't it warrant discussion if their wings weren't traditional buffalo wings and instead were all heavily breaded wings a la Hooters' wings or if they were grilled and not fried? I don't see much beyond a similar sort of discussion taking place here.

                              1. re: Gordough

                                Yes, I agree that they look sad in that photo. Maybe they suck.
                                On the name thing, I had another thought after I posted (this probably was obvious to everyone, but not me!): they may be calling them Patty Melts as a play on the name of the place. (One would still hope that they'd be good, though, irrespective of why they chose the name.)

                                1. re: Blumie

                                  Per their website, patty melts are their signature dish: "Our signature ground beef patty melts are served on house baked Olive Oil Brioche." One would hope that they understood what a patty melt should be, even if they are ringing changes on the form.


                                  1. re: Blumie

                                    Well, Blumie, the menu doesn't mention that they are sliders. It says in a rather confusing way that it's a 1/3 lb. ground beef patty. (note the description of the "plain" at the end of the Patty Melts list.) I'd be awfully annoyed if I ordered it thinking I was getting a proper full-sized melt and got those. If that's what they want to serve, all they have do to is list it in the description so customers can make an informed choice.


                                    1. re: bear

                                      The menu you see online is different than what you are handed at the restaurant. The menu does give you and indication of what you are getting, but quite honestly, it's confusing. The server had to explain it to us, and when I said, "oh, so you mean, they are sliders", she said "yes, exactly!"

                                      1. re: UnclePH

                                        It's early on, so I guess the different menus are understandable.

                                    2. re: Blumie

                                      I've assumed that their *name* is the play on the patty melt, not the other way around.

                                  2. re: Blumie

                                    Because language is used to convey information. Calling something that it isn't is just going to lead to confusion and disappointment, not to mention watering down the term to the point where it is completely meaningless (e.g. "banh mi" now just seems to mean "sandwich with a cool name").

                                    There's a difference between a riff and completely misusing a term, and I'm pretty sure their menu doesn't say "Our patty melts aren't really patty melts, so don't be alarmed if what you receive are sliders!"

                                    1. re: jgg13

                                      If they simply made the small change on the menus of saying "patty melt sliders," that would be all the description one would need.

                                      That still doesn't address the fact that the sliders in that picture don't look appetizing, and I would be disappointed if I ordered "patty melt sliders" and got served something that looked as dry, boring and not-patty-melt-like (not enough cheese, not enough onions, not enough crisped-and-browned-in-butter-on-the-grill, not enough essential patty-melt-ness) as those sad specimens.

                                      1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                                        Right. In the case here, except for the general notion of bread and a burger patty, nothing about those pictures say "patty melt" to me. It's not just the slider-ness. It could be a full sized burger and look like that and I'd still raise an eyebrow

                                  3. So much patty melt drama on this thread. From the photo, they look like Mini-Melts on house baked bread, not sliders which are traditionally served on little rolls. Perhaps they can better describe them. Can you pick and choose three different preparations? The fried chicken review sounds hopeful!

                                    1. Same sort of thing happened to me at Blue Ox, I ordered the Blue Ox burger expecting a double burger and instead got two sliders....

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                                      1. re: phatchris

                                        So, how's the food? Nomenclature aside, is it worth a stop?

                                          1. re: EllenMM

                                            The op said the food is really good, I think this thread is lost on the definition of a patty melt. They look pretty good to me especially for 6$ an order. We are talking fast food prices with fresh ingredients. Even that fried chicken plate is close to fast food prices. Citizen Public has very good food so I'm very excited to get over here when I have the chance. The place is called snappy pattys and snappy can mean ; cleverly concise or neat.

                                        1. I have eaten at Snappy's twice now and have had great meals. The first was the ceasar salad, which had a perfect ceasar dressing and nicely shaved pecorino cheese and a hardboiled egg garnish. I can't say enough about the dressing, it was the best I've had at a restaurant in a long time! For my entree I had the Shrimp on the Barbie which was a delicious "soup" with a creamy spicy tomato cream sauce.
                                          My second meal was the grilled lamb, it was delicious toothsome. The prickled pear cocktail was delish! My daughter had the fish tacos, yummy! and the California patty sliders, well cooked and the garnishes were good too! We'll be back to try mor.
                                          The service was friendly, tho the first night a bit challenged, but that's a first night thing, second time was fine. The price is right and the atmosphere is fun and funky. Good luck to all!

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                                          1. I went to Snappy Patty’s and was pleased. We shared, so I got to try some different things. The namesake patty melt sliders were good. I don’t know if these qualify officially as true patty melts or what, but they were good. We had the California version and the barbecue version. The barbecue was a bit sweet for me, but that’s just a matter of preference. Were they “over the top” signature dish good? No, but they were well prepared and tasty and very reasonable priced ($6.25 for 3). The homemade bread really makes them. Some here have complained they are not full-size burgers, but we found we liked the smaller size because people in your party can order different versions and swap. The grilled watermelon salad was very nice. Everything went together well, but if there was quinoa there I couldn’t tell you. The clam chowder was excellent. It had a smokiness to it and was served with some homemade potato chips. I nice touch that worked well. The mixed greens were a surprise. They were about the most boring things to look at as you can imagine, but the dressing was great. We all picked at them and finished them up, not a usual thing with a salad.

                                            The place is very small and there is no place to wait for a table inside. It’s attractive and lively without being ear-shattering loud as seems to be the trend these days. I was surprised they fit a bar in there. The service was friendly and efficient. The hostess was sweet, but, there needs to be more organization around how the seating is handled. The first time we tried to go we were told to try again in an hour. We left and went elsewhere because who wants to come back in an hour on the chance that you might get a table? The second time we were told to try back in a half hour. We were about to go elsewhere again when we were told, no, it looks like it would only be a 5 or 10 minute wait, which it was. They really should be taking names and cell numbers if they want people to come back for a table.

                                            All in all this is a great addition to the area and the prices are such that you can visit somewhat often.

                                            1. Home run. It was Friday night at 7:30 and the place was packed, and people were having a good time. Just the kind of energy West Medford needs. Finally a casual place where you want to go sit and not spend a fortune. I could easily see going several times a month.

                                              The clam chowder is spectacular. The best I've had anywhere. The fish tacos were superb. Not the "usual" and very tasty. And the pattys were tasty -- we tried three of them. The rest of the menu begs to be explored. The folks next to us had the sunchoke ravioli which looked great, but we were stuffed.

                                              A few opening week kinks to work out? Sure. But the food speaks for itself, and the systems will get sorted out.

                                              For those on this thread that are agonizing over what to call the little burgers on buns with inventive dressings--just go taste the food. And the menu in the restaurant says "Patty Melt Sliders" and that there are three to an order. That's pretty clear what they are.

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                                              1. re: concordjeff

                                                The "Patty Melt Sliders" and 3 to an order is new on the menu, the menu online and in the restaurant used to just say "Patty Melts"
                                                Mine were disappointing, the jalapeno was completely flavorless. The California was better, but the listed avocado was some kind of spread...no discernible avocado.

                                                Fish tacos were boring flour tortillas, okay fish, tartar sauce, salted cantaloupe, and a couple greens. Not the usual, but not good either.

                                                I'll try it again, but everything seemed to need a lot of work.

                                                1. re: concordjeff

                                                  Update...went again last night. Had the chowder again. Still yummy! Also the oft-praised chicken thighs, and they were great. Moist and tasty, with a good dipping sauce. Big serving, too. Also the sunchoke and spinach ravioli. I'm usually not a big ravioli fan, but I'd seen this on my last visit and knew I had to have them this time. Very tender and tasty. They do some fun things with greens here. And the salmon (also with greens) was perfectly done -- very moist and a tiny bit pink inside. With "herb dumplings". Just like I'm not usually a ravioli fan, I'm not usually a dumpling fan, but these were spectacular.

                                                2. Before we ate there tonight, I did not know much about this place other than from Uncle's thread, but I did know that the chef had a Razor Clam Chowder on his first, this, menu, (and I have had a wicked clam chowder hankering this last month, for some odd reason). And I knew that said chef created one of my two favorite dishes at the Lamb Cook-off at the Sonesta a few months ago (amongst ~25 other chefs, pretty good odds.....)

                                                  Briefly, it's small and busy, seating split between regular tables, high tops, and bar; open kitchen in the back. Easy street parking. If you wanted to create a welcoming neighborhood spot (like Coppa) this is how you would do it- start w/ an energetic upbeat staff that couldn't be friendlier or more efficient. (Seems Franklin Cafe was where most of them worked together.) Add good food cooked with fire, a menu of snacks, small and large plates, and reasonable prices. Aside from a full liquor license, they have a large beer and wine list but the bar program has not been defined yet.

                                                  We had:
                                                  Razor Clam Chowder
                                                  Grilled Melon Salad
                                                  Dry rubbed, Smoked and BBQ Glazed Lamb riblets
                                                  Jerusalem Artichoke Ravioli w/ Riesling and Spinach(1/2 order)
                                                  Roast Chicken w/ celery root mash, lentils, carrots and jus
                                                  (this was the setup for the pollock plate)

                                                  The chowder was absolutely stellar, actually the best i have ever had in Boston. Smoky, creamy,redolent of the sea,and spiked w/ hunks of house-smoked beef, all w/ perfectly balanced flavors.I could eat it every day, and indeed, I ordered a 2nd bowl. In truth,I was so blown away by it that I didn't even care what came after it.

                                                  Salad was fine, a good balance of mesclun and fruit, but grossly oversalted (some accident i'd guess) and the dressing did not particularly work w/ the melon.
                                                  The Lamb riblets had such promise and I'm sure that they will improve, but for now, we found ourselves asking why go to so much trouble smoking them when the end taste result is 70% salty thick spice rub, 20% sweet glaze, and 10% smoked lamb? (Cut down on that rub; let the lovely smoked lamb shine through!)

                                                  The jerusalem artichoke ravs were well made and filled, but their set up didn't complement them very well. Hazelnuts, orange zest, mushrooms, chard would have worked much better than the spinach. The chicken was a simple, earthy and delicious plate.

                                                  Now that they have been open a week and have finalized their basic menu, Snappy Patty's will be gradually adding lunch, brunch, and daily specials. What fun to have such nice people in a neighborhood spot so badly needed! It's definitely a "Yes" place, where both the kitchen and the servers share the same goal-- to keep their customers happy.It's going to be great watching them grow.

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                                                  1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                    Am I reading this correctly? There is beef in the clam chowder?

                                                      1. re: UnclePH

                                                        Well, there's all that beef left over from the teensy lil patty melts, it's gotta go somewhere...

                                                      2. re: smtucker

                                                        I was as surprised as you, but our charming waitress was adamant that it was smoked beef and not pork. Whatever it was, it was deeelish.

                                                        1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                          Interesting . . . the menu online describes the chowder as having braised salt pork.

                                                          1. re: VintageMolly

                                                            yes,molly, i saw that. but the description also mentions lovage and old bay seasoning, and i don't taste either of those! i'm hoping someone else is going to CH write up the answer THEY get! i meant to ask nick the other day, when i met him....

                                                          2. re: opinionatedchef

                                                            o.k. I FINally have the scoop on the chowder. This will be long. And remember, I'm just the messenger here. Don't shoot the messenger.:

                                                            Razor clams dug daily in Ipswich by chef's friend. (Chef Nick does not like saltiness or texture of quohogs in chowder, only uses razor clams for it.) Pork belly is 3-day cured in many spices/herbs, then braised; braising juices go into chowder base w/ clam juices etc. Lovage, originally used, too expensive and not noticeable, so excluded from recipe now. So, what is the meat? Braised,then pan-crisped pork belly strips. NO BEEF ("That's disGUSTing", said Nick. [Then he vowed to forever tease the offending server.])
                                                            Any more questions- go ask Nick. As for me, SP is closed on Monday, but I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow...!

                                                            1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                              Thanks opchef for the clam chowder details, ill have try that on our return visit. We finally got to check it out on Saturday, everything we had was really good (texan patty melt sliders,shrimp on the barbie, grilled melon salad, ricotta gnocchi, and fish tacos). The fish tacos are truly great. Also don't get all the hate on the patty melts, they were really tasty! We loved the bacon secret sauce on the Texan sliders, and the home made olive oil brioche is great! We will definitely repeat the restaurant and the patty melts (and definitely fish tacos). Everyone there was eating patty melts.

                                                              1. re: AaronInBoston

                                                                That's terrific to hear. i have not tried those items yet, but after getting the DETAILED low down on the clam chowder (so THAT"S why it's so fantastic!)I now know that Chef Nick is one serious dude! He knows a ton, he cares alot,he wants honest feedback, and he actually listens! and adjusts some things accordingly.Cool, eh?

                                                      3. We made a second visit today to sample the brunch offerings. The restaurant is open at 11am on Sat and Sun, despite the fact that the website and Facebook indicate 10am. We called prior to leaving just to be sure and glad we did. I think the restaurant shows great promise and it will not take long for locals to fill Snappy Patty's tables every weekend as word gets out.
                                                        I had the Eggs Benedict. A grilled biscuit topped with link sausage, a fried egg and a citrusy hollandaise sauce. The biscuit was a little hard and the fried egg was over cooked not allowing for a runny yolk to mingle and meld with the other ingredients. The sausage however is a home run, reminiscent of a traditional Irish banger. Small criticism aside the whole dish is a winner.
                                                        The Bear had the Huevos Rancheros. An admirable and mostly authentic version of the dish. Flour tortillas topped with black beans, sunny side up eggs, lime cream and spicy tomato. He wasn't thrilled with the dish, but I think it came out as advertised so he may have just ordered wrong for his taste. Bear also had a grilled biscuit with maple butter. He loved that. We shared a side of home fried potatoes, which were very good.
                                                        There's a lot to love about this place. Still a few kinks to work through. Hey, Snappy staff, I know you're going for a vibe, but you need to check the music. It's a little too loud, which I can live with, but Biggy Small dropping F-bombs at 11:15am with 2-3 kids in the place isn't going to work in West Medford. Outkast, however, play as much as you want. "Oh,Miss Jackson...I am for real".

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                                                        1. re: UnclePH

                                                          The Patty folks are just playing with their food names; or at least ignoring the standard definitions. Patty Melts are not sliders, clam chowder doesn't have beef smoked or not, and Eggs Benedict shouldn't include a biscuit or a fried egg.

                                                          That being said, the food might be very delicious. I guess I like precision of language when ordering food.

                                                          p.s. just looked at their website. They have corrected the opening time, and they don't call it Eggs Benedict, but a Snappy Benedict. Really, a Snappy Sausage Biscuit would be more accurate.

                                                          1. re: smtucker

                                                            To be fair it was probably ME that called it eggs Benedict and not the menu.

                                                            1. re: smtucker

                                                              Sounds like it. Especially when their "authentic" Huevos Rancheros came with flour tortillas topped with black beans. Authentic (without quotes) Huevos Rancheros are made using fried corn tortillas. And the beans are refried beans, and they aren't a topping, they are a side.

                                                              1. re: Uncle Yabai

                                                                I checked the online menu and in their defense, they don't use the word "authentic", to describe the Huevos Rancheros, in quotes or otherwise. I did refer to them as "mostly" authentic in my post. I don't think they are going for a traditional version of the dish, but rather their interpretation of it. All that aside, I didn't think it was successful, regardless. We definitely wouldn't order it again.

                                                            2. re: UnclePH

                                                              we also went for brunch- this afternoon. Got:
                                                              -R.I. JohnnyCakes with berry jam and apple butter
                                                              - Breakfast Biscuit , griddled, with egg, cheddar, bacon
                                                              - Fried boneless chicken thighs (buttermilk brined)
                                                              -Chorizo and Caramelized Onion Omelet
                                                              The only loser was the omelet- too dry (what do you expect? you can't produce a 'baveuse' omelet on a flat-top)
                                                              The Johnnycakes were, I believe, made of liquid and some non-wheat flour (supposed to be R.I. white cornmeal, but these had no indication of cornmeal flavor or texture)and no eggs, so they were dense, chewy, heavy and perfect foils for the spreads. They reminded me of the glutinour rice flour 'pancakes/cakes' at Paris Baguette.
                                                              The biscuit was huge(very generous for $5). It broke easily so it worked better for me to tackle it w/ knife and fork.

                                                              The fried chicken was pretty perfect- thick clean crispy crust and moist meat; generous serving.Comes with an unusual not-too-sweet sauce on the side. If you like Sarma's fried chicken (best i've had in boston) I think you will like this too. They were identical to me except that Sarma's has herbs and spices in the coating.

                                                              Same crew of sweet friendly young servers.They willingly switched reggae for the rap, and that made a world of difference. The major downer there is the bar. I do understand that they just wanted to get up and running this week, but they only have a few non-alcoholic drinks and they are all sodas. I'm sure they will fix that soon.

                                                              I met Nick the chef who explained that they are starting w/ a conservative/recognizable names menu, until they see what the neighborhood tastes are.(but he is anxious to do more inventive dishes.) We're psyched!

                                                              1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                                Really stoked that the arrival of this place has coincided with our arrival in Medford. Hope he will really start pushing the boundaries of the neighborhood. Inventive food in walking distance? What more can you ask?

                                                                1. re: VintageMolly

                                                                  yep! i thought of you and imagined you doing the happy dance!

                                                            3. We went on Saturday 8/16 and had a decidedly mixed experience. First course was the Field Greens Salad which was overdressed and too salty. We also had the Grilled Melon Salad which was very refreshing and did not share the same problems.

                                                              We then shared two orders of sliders (Classic & BourbonQ) as well as three sides (Fries, Ricotta Gnocchi, Roasted Broccoli). We felt the sliders were good but not great. I thought the relish on the classic was too assertive and in hindsight would have much preferred something like carmelized onions. The BourbonQ was our preference, but I have to say I'm not convinced by the concept. The broccoli and gnocchi were delicious but the fries were also over-salted.

                                                              Service was very good. Our only problem is that the person running the front came over to talk to the couple at the next table. The spacing was very tight and we essentially had her leaning on our table for about 10 minutes.

                                                              Finally, the pricing seems strange. The sliders at at $6 seemed like a real bargain while $12 for a bottle of Boulevard IPA seemed excessive.

                                                              1 Reply
                                                              1. re: FoodTruth

                                                                I felt the very same way about the pricing--odd. $9 for a CUP, that's 8 ounces, of, admittedly the best chowder I've had in boston, but $9 feels steep. But then there are 4?5? fried boneless chicken thighs for $9, and that feels very fair.
                                                                I also find it very odd that the dish that the restaurant is named for- has not had a big wave of fans in the reports I have read.... Because there are so many oddities, I'm guessing that it's just going to take time for everyone to get in the groove and things to settle down. Maybe the managers are immersed in myriad behind-the-scenes dramas, but they need to get their front of the house act together better.

                                                              2. I stopped by for lunch today and was pleasantly surprised. The music was loud but the interior was really nice. I skipped the sliders and went for the Hanger Steak - Brie, Arugula and Red Onion on a griddled flat bread. This packed a serious amount of flavor and I was really happy with my lunch. Note to OP, the name is Snappy Pattys, no apostrophe. There is additional parking behind the restaurant.


                                                                1 Reply
                                                                1. re: Ferrari328

                                                                  ferr, thanks so much for posting this. We followed your lead and got take-out hanger sdwches today. I really enjoyed it. I liked having a salad on top of an open-face sandwich much more than having a hunka meat-packed sandwich. We got an order of fried chicken as well (even though i didn't realize it's not on the official Lunch menu) and I do have to say- that boneless tender and crunchy chicken is really in the blue ribbon class! Aside from the 2-3 day buttermilk brine, I think he lightly brushes it, post frying, with a tiny bit of sweet glaze so that just a hint comes through, and it's not heavily salted, yay!

                                                                2. Went last Sat night, excited to have a nice casual spot in the neighborhood. First off, I think they need to name the restaurant after the clam chowder, not the sliders. I had my whole head in the bowl...the old-bay seasoned chips worked amazingly well soaking up the delicious broth, the chunks of crispy...beef? (I thought it was pork, but I guess not per the other poster) were great...the whole thing was so well crafted I didn't even mind that there were not actually all that many clams in there...

                                                                  Atmosphere was bustling, but on a Sat night at seven, hit the sweet spot...walked in and sat right down at the last two spots at the bar. Turnover was about matching new arrivals for the rest of the time we were there. For a neighborhood joint, that's the perfect level of busy-ness, in my opinion. To be honest, though, it really is a bit cramped to move around in there.

                                                                  Also tried the sliders, and an order of the fried chicken. Agree with others that the chicken is damn tasty, and the sliders are quite good, but didn't stand out compared to the chowder.
                                                                  Got dinner for two, including two glasses of wine for about $50 total, so was pleased with that. Looking forward to going back!

                                                                  1. Went down last night.

                                                                    They're still finding their feet in terms of service rhythm -- our apps and entrees came out together, etc, but the services was friendly and helpful; I'm sure it'll smooth out as they get going.

                                                                    I had the ravioli and the grilled melon salad which were both excellent, and had a bite of a side of the gnocchi (which were good but not standout). The quinoa on the salad was a really nice touch and made it stand out from other watermelon/salty cheese concotions I've had before. Dining companions had the salmon and one of the slider options (don't remember which) and seemed happy.

                                                                    They don't have a full bar (at least not yet) -- the only cocktails they can do are their barrel-aged ones. Of the two I had, one was good (genever convention) and the other (hibiscus sparkler) would have been way too sweet if I hadn't ordered it as basically an after-dinner dessert anyway. I'm hoping some whiskey drinks end up on that list eventually, and they need to be more verbose with their drink descriptions -- the non-craft-cocktail person in our group was completely bewildered by the drink menu. It'd also be nice to see a few nonalcoholic fun drinks -- funky house-made lemonade or iced tea, or even just bottled high-end root beer/ginger beer/etc.

                                                                    3 Replies
                                                                    1. re: antimony

                                                                      I doubt you'll see whiskey drinks, as, based upon what I was told, they don't have a full liquor license. I don't know exactly how they're doing some of what they're doing, as they are serving cocktails with vodka and rum (perhaps using lower proof spirits?). Maybe someone with more knowledge on licensing can chime in. Credit to them for being inventive. The one cocktail I had there was quite good and I look forward to sampling others on the list. I'm also hoping they get a few draft beer lines in there and rotate them periodically.

                                                                      1. re: tomjb27

                                                                        While the interpretation of the law can be liberal at a certain establishments, a cordials permit mandates alcohols have a minimum % of sugar content by alcohol weight. For me this greatly enhances the chance and severity of a hangover, so I unfortunately stick to beer and wine at those places. The alcohol laws in Massachusetts are still ridiculous.

                                                                        1. re: tomjb27

                                                                          It looks like they're getting away with flavored vodkas and a spiced rum because the flavored versions count as "cordials," which is a different license.

                                                                      2. There are mostly good reviews here, so I thought I would contribute a decidedly bad one. I had an awful experience here. Like, one of the most frustrating dining experiences of my life.

                                                                        I ordered the gnocchi with a side of roasted broccoli and a grilled cheese slider, to go.

                                                                        I got my food, bagged up, and I went home. I arrive home to find that my bag is completely soaked through with some kind of oil. It got on my car, my clothes, my carpet, etc. It turns out that the gnocchi was put into a paper to-go box that was far too thin for the dish, and it seeped through that box and the carrying bag. So that's Bummer #1.

                                                                        There were no napkins, and there were no eating utensils. I'm not going to count that as a bummer just yet though.

                                                                        The gnocchi itself was... fine I suppose. The sauce was bunched up in the box and had slightly congealed. It really could have been fine, I do wish the portion size was for an adult though. Please know that Snappy Patty's considers themselves fine dining so when you pay $12 for an entree, you are getting about five spoonfuls. This is not a mistake. It's that kind of place. Except it's not that kind of dish. I'd pay $12 for that dish if it was 2-3 times the size. Or if it was that size and blew my taste buds away. It's a nice little entree but I wanted a meal. Or an experience. I got neither. The mushrooms that came with it were nice, except for two totally random giant chewy mushrooms of a different variety that were unedible. Weird. Entree disappointment is Bummer #2

                                                                        The grilled cheese slider is surely for little kids. It was a two-bite thing. The "sides" on the menu is secretly the kids menu I think. That slider was not something an adult should have to eat. First off, it was packaged horizontally, so it fell apart by the time I got to it. But wait a minute, a grilled cheese probably shouldn't fall apart, right? Well, at Snappy Patty's, a grilled cheese slider is two pieces of over-toasted bread, tomato slices, and a tiny slice of cheese stuck to one of the pieces of bread. So basically a crunchy tomato kids sandwich with a piece of processed cheese on it. If you have pictured the grossest fast food kind of image you can think you, you are spot on. That set me back $2-3. Bummer #3.

                                                                        Then there's the broccoli. What do you think you'll get when you order a side of "roasted broccoli" at a place that, with it's entree sizes, is claiming to be fine dining? After you let your imagination run wild, I'm sorry to report but you were 100% wrong. At Snappy Patty's, "roasted broccoli" is blackened broccoli bits. Folks, I'm actually really sad to write this, because it just seems mean, but I am not exaggerating, my broccoli was blackened and burnt and totally disgusting. The pieces they used were half tiny pieces of the florets and half random chunks of stalk. I like broccoli stalk. I like roasting my broccoli. I do not like blackened broccoli. And when you do that to the stalks they become rubbery and unchewable, like bad calamari. For some reason this $4(!) side hurt me the most because even someone who has never worked in a kitchen before can tell when they have burnt the life out of something, and yet a chef put that in a box and sent it out. Bummer #4.

                                                                        Which makes me wonder - just what in the hell is going on back there? They weren't super busy. This wasn't opening night. So what's going on? When I popped in opening night I had the displeasure of hearing a Gordon Ramsey wannabe in the kitchen shouting down his crew. Owner? Head chef? I don't know. But this place feels like it's on the verge of a collapse. I can only speculate that maybe this is why the place looks so cool and hip, serves fine dining portions, only seats a dozen or so, but also tries to cater to kids and families, has what is basically a kids menu, etc etc. It's confusing. Snappy Patty's doesn't know what it wants to be. Like, why does the drink menu say that all their mixed drinks are "barrel aged"? What does that mean? The vodka is barrel aged? The drinks are pre-mixed and then somehow aged in a barrel? Or, I dunno, maybe someone in charge just likes fancy sounding terms and ingredients?

                                                                        I took the food back and I felt horrible about it. The woman was incredibly nice to me, but when she asked what was wrong, I did my best not to say "everything." I went easy, because why be a jerk about it? She offered to send me home with a different entree, so I told her whichever one would be the fastest, because I'm seriously hungry now. So, that was nice. Cool Thing #1.

                                                                        I went home with a ravioli dish. No silverware, still. Same paper box, still. No leak this time though.

                                                                        And... the ravioli was basically disgusting. It was incredibly soft, no firmness, the filling had several great flavors that all punched each other in the face to reach the front of the line and tell my palette "me first!" The shallots and garlic were overwhelming though. I can't eat something that absolutely reeks of raw garlic and shallot. The dish was basically disgusting. I think on the menu it went for close to $15, I don't recall.

                                                                        I went to bed hungry. Bummer #whatever.

                                                                        I tried to give it a final shot the other day when I brought a friend in for a meeting. The music was too loud for us to hear each other, so we left.


                                                                        Snappy Patty's has all the potential to be a great spot. The menu stretches out, some of the ingredients are interesting and worth trying out. The vibe is mostly cool. But it fails in an almost offensive way. The entrees are too small, too gross, poorly cooked or poorly conceived. The pretentiousness oozes out of that place like creepiness from a haunted house. The prices are ridiculous for what you get. The energy and music is over the top for the size and design. The food is overcomplicated when it could be so simple and delicious. It's basically misfiring on every level, and I don't think I can ever go back. I highly suggest avoiding this place. Yes, Medford needs more spots, no, you don't have to settle. Until SP can figure out what the hell it wants to be, until it's fragmented identity can come together, it's a total disaster of a restaurant that will be there for quite some time, as I suppose that no one wants to miss the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the emperor's clothing business.

                                                                        5 Replies
                                                                        1. re: Syje1

                                                                          Hi, I noticed that this was your first post here. Welcome! After your bad experience at Snappy Pattys perhaps you can talk about other places you like & dislike so we get a sense of where you're coming from. I'm sure this isn't the case but oftentimes paid shills will show up on boards like this out of the blue and report glowing or horrible things about a place - which obviously isn't the case here but you understand.

                                                                          1. re: jgg13

                                                                            Oh dang, I didn't consider that.. Yeah I understand! I actually Googled reviews of SP to see if anyone had a similar experience and felt like signing up here to share my story was important to balance out the praise. I don't want to give the wrong impression though.

                                                                            Should I use this space to talk about other places or find threads about the other places? Personally, my favorite spot in Medford is Mystic Coffee Roasters, hands down. They roast in house and are super friendly. The only place that compares is Karma Coffee Roasters in Sudbury, but that's a drive for folks in the city. I think close to Snappy, Medford Deli is great, nice guys there too, CB Scoops is always reliable for good ice cream (Richardsons, I believe). I even like the little chinese food place there. I feel like all these little spots are great "these are the people in your neighborhood" types of places, so it has really bugged me that instead of another place on that level, SP moves in and I feel like it's kind of a waste. I really do hate saying it too, I've been excited for the place for months now, I want them to do well too, I think there is a lot of potential. I'll even take a weird vibe - I like the food at Seafood Depot Grill down the street even though the owner is kind of a grump haha. The dry cleaner owner is super friendly, the liquor store right there is run by a very nice guy too (who will custom order anything for you usually).

                                                                            I still understand where you are coming from, I don't mean to talk smack and run, I just feel really let down by Patty's, as the neighborhood of restaurants is small but very cool, and Patty's just didn't live up to that for me. :-/

                                                                          2. re: Syje1

                                                                            This reminds me of that Menotomy Grill poster, except from the opposite point of view.
                                                                            At first i thought i would counter the various points, but now i think jgg's comment has sunk in.As soon as i read the 'pretentious' rant, i knew i was either reading about a completely different restaurant from FP, or... (But then again, maybe one woman's ceiling is another woman's floor.) For me, I think FP is about as pretentious as a hole in the wall.

                                                                            Fortunately many many of us have had positive experiences there w the food. Their take out containers (simple folded brown box) works fine for the hanger steak flat bread sandwich which (thx again to ferrari)i get regularly for take out lunch now(when it's not sold out); but i could see its filmsiness causing problems w/ anything saucy. Once when i was dining there, i just could not endure the loud rap and i asked if the music could be changed, and presto, chango, Lawrence Welk! (just kidding; Stevie Wonder actually)
                                                                            In some ways, i wish time would fly by so they could get better organized in a few different areas (like the Beverages, which are the aegis of a business partner who i have only seen there once) but i know it will happen eventually. For right now, after living in the Winchester culinary wasteland for 30 yrs, i'm just thrilled that FP has come to roost near me!


                                                                            1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                                              I"m assuming that you mean "SP" aka Snappy Patty's, not "FP" or is there another place here that would fit the "FP" abbreviation, and i"m just missing it?

                                                                              Personally, I'm glad to hear a contrary viewpoint, and hope Syje1 sticks around. I think too often we end up with these board darlings, and people are reluctant to share anything but a rave about those restaurants because they're afraid they'll get called out negatively. Different strokes for different folks, and I'd like to hear from everyone, not just the people who all agree.

                                                                          3. Snappy Patty's got a nice write-up in the Globe today.


                                                                            1. I'm confused after having had the sliders this week for lunch. The menu states "1/3 Pound Antibiotic Hormone Free Ground Beef Patties" so that would mean that 3 sliders would equal a pound of meat? No way I got that much meat in my sliders. What did I miss here?


                                                                              1 Reply
                                                                              1. re: Ferrari328

                                                                                I think its 1/3lb total, but I agree its really confusing. The globe article parroted the same line from the menu, even though the author presumably saw what the dish really looks like...

                                                                              2. Had my first experience,close to me that is, with the Power of the Pen. The day after the Sheryl Julian rave,8PM Thurs, all 36 seats sold out and a wait! Lucky for us, we had an excellent tapas dinner at Pinxto Pincho instead.
                                                                                Today, when I stopped by for my take-out hanger flatbread, they were sold out of that Razor clam chowder!(gee, go figure...)

                                                                                On a delightful note, 2 Sundays ago I had Nick's Huevos Rancheros for the first time.(I hadn't ordered them before because i'm just so darned picky about them and i didn't yet have the faith that one gains after repeated good experiences w/ a chef.) Well, cause to rejoice- they were terrific. Flavors were all spot on- the salsa verde, ancho cream and ranchero in the black beans-- all with robust spice and heat but not toooo hot. And, unlike the mega-filling dish that it usually is, this HR is surprisingly light. For a sweet, i had the Beignets (where else in Boston can you find these light 'donut hole' fritters for $5??)Light, clean fry job, lovely sauces.

                                                                                1. I went in and had a hit of miss breakfast.

                                                                                  - Huevos Rancheros is delicious. It is 2 small tacos with tortilla, black beans, sunny side up egg, and a delicious salsa.
                                                                                  - Home fries: Yum but I think they were deep fried.
                                                                                  - Johnny cakes blackberry sauce. The rest of the dish not so much.
                                                                                  - Both egg dishes we had were cooked perfectly.

                                                                                  - $13 for 2 small huevos rancheros tacos that had no side. that is $6.50 a taco. If you add homefries ($4), that is $17 for a full brunch meal. At that price I won't order them again.
                                                                                  - Hot Johnny Cakes - Wildberry Jelly, Roasted Apple Butter. the 2 small hot cakes had no flavor and had the consistency of cardboard. The apple butter was inedible. It had an off-putting acrid type of flavor. We still ate them by scraping off the sauce and dousing them with syrup (Mrs. Butterworths maybe?).
                                                                                  - Egg and cheese on a biscuit. The egg and cheese was nice but needed salt. The biscuit was dense and dry with no buttery flavor.

                                                                                  Like another poster, I also had awful burnt side of broccoli. Why offer it if you put no care into it?

                                                                                  I really hope this place gets its act together. After going 3 times now, I am thinking it is a loss. I hope I am wrong.

                                                                                  1. I tried the Fried Chicken Flatbread for lunch today and now I understand why everyone is raving about the fried chicken on the dinner menu. Simply delicious, crisp and very tender and juicy. I thought the Hanger Steak Flatbread was really good but this one was way better. What a nice place!


                                                                                    2 Replies
                                                                                    1. re: Ferrari328

                                                                                      Ferrari, I have been feeling very virtuous since following your lead into the frequent lunch of Hanger steak flatbread with brie and arugula. But now you have become a dangerous individual!

                                                                                      1. re: Ferrari328

                                                                                        That looks delicious. But how did you eat it? Did you slice and fold? Or just fold? Or nibbled off the side of the plate?