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Aug 10, 2014 11:27 AM

Casual lunch spot on route between YYZ and Niagara Falls

I'm arriving at Pearson Airport around 11:30am on a Friday. I'll be picking up a rental car and driving to Niagara Falls. Time is expected to be tight on this particular day so I am looking for a really good casual lunch spot not too far out of the way (it can be anywhere between Toronto and the Falls as long as it's not too much of a detour off the route). Any advice from local Chowhounds? It's our first time in the area so we're really grateful for any suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Based on your posting history, are you from NYC?

    There is a Middle Eastern place that does things a bit differently than other Middle Eastern places I have been to in Burlington just off the QEW (there are other locations, but, the Oakville one has gone down hill recently).


    Is there any particular type of cuisine you are looking for? I can think of a few places but also thinking that there are "better" versions of it in NYC/USA in general. Like, Memphis Fire BBQ is in Winona about 5 minutes off the hwy towards Niagara but you can probably get better BBQ in NYC.


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      I am originally from NYC but have been UK based for the past few years.

      I'm open to anything honestly!

    2. For something a bit different, how about the 'BenchMark' restaurant at the Niagara College just off the highway east of St. Catherines. You can even try out their wine and home brewed beer!

      1. The Good Earth Winery is just a few minutes off of the QEW in Beamsville, and would be a great spot to begin to undo hours in airplanes, airports & cars. The outdoor seating is lovely; the menu isn't huge, but is well-executed and offers something for most tastes.


        I also love Memphis Fire BBQ!

        1. There is also Spencers in downtown Burlington by the lake.

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            Spencers may not exactly qualify as casual.

            One place I actually quite like for that kind of thing is August in Beamsville, just a jump off the highway and they do a decent sit down lunch, with a few sandwiches and a couple hot dishes.

          2. I have to say Stoney's in Oakville would be perfect..just off the highway and still one of my favorite restaurants with amazing sandwiches/pizza/salads...
            About 30 min from the airport and another hour to the falls, but amazing quality food here! No wonder ranked number one on search engines,,,,they were on You Gotta Eat here

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              I'll second the recommendation for Stoney's Bread Company. The sandwiches and pizza are both quite tasty. Plus you order at the register and then they bring the food to your table, so you can be in and out pretty quickly.

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                Stoney's on Kerr is great.

                If there's a line, across the street is Agabi for Middle Eastern. Delish!

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                I'll toss my hat into the ring for Stoney's as well. If you want more of a dive there is also the Harbour Diner in Hamilton.