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Aug 10, 2014 10:46 AM

Great Salads Monmouth & Ocean County?

Hi gang...any suggestions for places that make great healthy interesting salads with all fresh ingredients ?


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  1. Seagrass in Ocean Grove has great lunch salads. Just had a seared tuna over baby spinach with edamame and Asian dressing. Dewilla's in Lake Como is very cute and has good salads (no dinner). Believe it or not, Delponte's coal-oven pizza place has huge and delicious salads, lunch and dinner.

    1. Queso Grill in Lincroft has a huge gourmet Salad Bar...


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      1. Thanx All,. ...but looking more for fine dining creative salad wise if there is such a thing vs doing it myself.

        1. The spinach and arugula salad at Copper Canyon is ridiculously amazing. Currants, bacon, basil parm dressing. It's the salad course for my last meal on earth.

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            MichelleM131.... thank you sounds amazing!
            Their menu looks great also...
            I will check it out when in the area.


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                corvette johnny on my togo list thanx!!

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                  I just read it again and saw the word healthy lol. THe copper steak has some serious bacon in it.

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                  Who knew Copper Canyon had salad!?!?!?!?

                  "Let's go out tonight and get a delicious salad somewhere" Said Jr never

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                    I don't order it. I just have some of my wife's ; )

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                      I had been curious as to how many folks were heading to Copper Canyon solely to have a salad.

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                        I would say roughly the equivalent number of people that come to Chow just to see me!!

                3. Believe it or not Wegmann's makes some excellent salads from scratch in their café area. My favorites are the various cheese and pear salads that are enough to feed two people in the small version. The upstairs seating areas are quiet and nicely appointed for a casual lunch or dinner.

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                    scrappyone.......good info ...
                    I never think of Wegman's as a place to go and eat...