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Aug 10, 2014 09:51 AM

Local Casual Outside Breakfast Place Ocean View

I am looking for a breakfast hangout place. It needs to be a locally owned joint with outside tables and have an ocean view. I have been to Brockton Villa but i would like something more casual than that.

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  1. Easy peasy....Kono's at Crystal Pier in P.B. Patio seating with full on ocean view across the alley.

    Even more casual (if this is possible) is the Ocean Beach Pier cafe.

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    1. You might also like Goldfish Point Café in LJ. The breakfasts are simple things like eggs on bagels and cereal, not larger breakfasts with potatoes, sausage, etc. It's a great place for a light breakfast & coffee. Even inside feels like outside. Gorgeous northwest-facing ocean view.

      1. Caroline's Seaside Café near the Scripps pier at LJ shores.

        1. Shades in OB and what about the place just north of World Famous in PB on the bike path (used to be called Cantina)??

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          1. Kono's
            World Famous
            Green Flash
            Las Olas
            Bahia don Bravo LJ
            Place next to Jakes Del Mar, Poseidon
            Americana Del Mar
            Tobey's @ 19th hole at Balboa Golf has great views with excellent home cooking..possible ocean views if you squint and are very tall.
            Bull Taco Cardiff..must include a VG's stop!
            Firehouse Deli