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Aug 10, 2014 08:51 AM

Bear steak in Tokyo or Kyoto

Does such a thing exist in any restaurant or Izakaya of reasonable to high quality in Tokyo or Kyoto?

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  1. You can sometimes get bear at La Chasse, Du Buppa, Matagi, Deco, etc.

    However, steak is a relatively unusual preparation - usually it'll be nabe, thinly sliced meat for grilling (closest to a steak I guess), or in a terrine. You can try and ask for it in advance, but keep in mind that game season for most areas and species opens in mid-November, so anything you have before that (and probably much of what you have after) has probably spent a very long time in a (hopefully excellent) freezer.

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    1. re: Gargle

      Thanks! Mid October to mid December is when I will be around. There is a very high score for the Tokyo game restaurant Takajo Kutobuki on tabelog. I wonder if there are anyone here having tried it? I can also see that Robb has written on bento that Okariba in Kyoto has bear during winter. I assume that will not be steak then.

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        I haven't been to Takajo K. (tried a couple of times, couldn't get in) but I believe their specialty is wild duck in season (with Shamo and some other fowl out of season) and not other game, maybe someone else here knows better.

    2. Last December, I was served a large bear filet at Passo a Passo in Monzen-Nakacho. The chef is a game fanatic and will include at least a couple of gibier dishes in his winter courses. The attached photos are an appetizer of pates and terrines made with wild boar, badger, bear, wild duck, and pheasant, and the roasted bear filet.

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        Thanks! I'd love to try that filet! I am certainly going to check if I can have something similar there this november/december.

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          Thanks, looks like a great place!