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Aug 10, 2014 04:06 AM

Your Favorite Meat or Protein?

I'm pretty sure that most people who have read my postings know that I'm a carnivore with a love for all things pork...shoulders, hams, ribs, chops, feet, tails, cheeks, hocks, bacon & sausage, etc., I just love it. We have it at least once, if not more, every week. Runner up is poultry: chicken & poultry shares equal billing. Third place is nuts with the preference going to cashews, although I will eat just about any nut.

What is your favorite meat or protein? How often do you consume it per week/month and if you'd like to share recipes, cooking methods, tips, please do post.

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  1. Tough question - I will throw myself on my sword - I love chicken and turkey, duck breast in second place, lamb next

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      Glad you mentioned Turkey.I cant wait until the holidays come.

      We bake our Turkey overnight.Ah the smell of that Turkey cooking

      is to die for.Lots of people I have told about the Turkey baking

      overnight in the Brown Paper Bag are somewhat afraid.The Turkey

      cooks on a very low Temperature.

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        I also cook turkey low and slow, though not in a bag.

    2. I would have to go with pork. It's so versatile. Nothing makes as good a sausage as pork and I like to combine ground pork (good on its own) with ground beef for the best meatballs and meatloaf. For the small family watching their calories you can't beat a pork tenderloin.
      And then there's the smoked pork products.....

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        Yes...the smoked pork products.....

      2. This changes for me all the time, but currently I am crazed for fish of all kinds; we eat it two or three dinners a week, every night when we are at the beach. We eat a lot of chicken too.
        Don't forget cheese!

        1. This is a tough question, even for someone like me who rarely eats animal proteins.

          In terms of frequency, can I say butter?

          My favorite meat hands down is Thanksgiving turkey a la my mother. She roasts it with garlic and herbs, and a tiny bit of lemon. It's only eaten really once a year, maybe twice, which probably adds to the novelty and excitement for it. Her turkey ended over a decade of vegetarianism for me.

          Also really love a good cut of beef, but those are eaten more frequently.

          1. Beef. At least 3 times per week, in some form. We get wonderful steak here in the Midwest, which is reasonably priced and easy to simply grill, broil, or skillet-sear stovetop. And beef stew in fall/winter. And beef pot roast w/bay leaf, onion, carrots, potatoes. (Edited to correct the herb)

            Roasted chicken. Weekly.

            Seafood is very expensive here. Shrimp (frozen) is readily available at a price I'm willing to pay, and we have a shrimp dish a couple of times monthly. Salmon, once or twice a month. I loved halibut the 2 times I had it. Lobster is always good - a once a year treat.

            Great cheese, from nearby Wisconsin, is always available in our house for daily snacking and use on salads and in sauces.