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Aug 9, 2014 10:32 PM

Cucina Basilico

It's always nice to find one of these mom'n'pop shops who stand out and our todays visit to Cucina Basilico was a surprising and very promising start. It's a small restaurant in the shopping mall at the Aero Dr exit off I-15. The star is the homemade pasta, 2-3 options per night like fettuccine and mushroom-pappardelle (and gnocchi) tonight which you can match with a few classical homemade sauces like pesto or bolognese (both excellent). a number of appetizers and salads are also available and the tiramisu was one of the best in SD. Nothing fancy or unusual but very good home made, simple dishes. They are mainly open during the week for the lunch crowd but also for dinner from Thu-Sun.

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  1. After a few more visits it is becoming one of our favorites spots for a simple dinner if we don't cook. Great place with some of the best homemade pasta in SD.

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      Do you know if they do take out? This is literally right on the way home, and I'm finding that I'm not so much into cooking for 1 any more.

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        They also do take out - but their service for sit down is also quick (dinner is only Thu-Sun but lunch every day)

    2. Just had lunch there. Great tip. Thumbs up. I'll be back.

      1. I just had lunch there as well -- y6y6y6 and I might have been at the same time.

        I had the fetucinni marinara. The sauce was very tasty homestyle Italian, with just the right amount of everything and a nice texture.

        The pasta, on then other hand, disappointed a little. It didn't taste homemade and was a little overcooked. I guess my expectations might have been too high.

        The warm, very fresh bread was delightful when it was first brought out.

        Will return and try other pastas.

        1. We stopped in here last night after a trip to Fry's, and were pleasantly surprised. Homemade gnocchi? Yes, please! Pantera Rosa sauce with pancetta was delicious, and the DH really liked his lasagne. They were slammed, and our bruschetta order was overlooked, but the bread with olive oil was filling enough. They comped our chianti, which I thought was a nice gesture. And honkman, you were spot on when you said the tiramisu was "one of the best in SD". It looked big (it comes in a bowl) but was light enough for us to split. So good! We'll definitely go back.

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            And they are also now open on Tuesday and Wednesday for dinner