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Aug 9, 2014 09:38 PM

Tell us what we need to do to save this site? PLEASE.

It seems pretty obvious to me that y'all are scrambling to save CH. Rather than continually throwing various bandaids on the site, why not include us? You KNOW we're smart and creative and treasure CH. Tell us what the problems are and I'm betting we can come up with some really good ideas. xoxo,c :)

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  1. Pretty much nothing. I looked at boardreader for the first time. Number of traffic has gone up since the change. Was it really big. Maybe, maybe not. You will slow down to look at the train wreck. Look how much everybody is griping, me included. Seems to be working. It's not about the posts. It's about the hundred thousand plus a day on the site having a glimpse of the advertising. I left my cottage cheese out all night is it safe to eat? C'mon I love it.

    1. Who's the "y'all"? According the Boardreader, in the past week, just 5 posters account for half of the Site Talk posts. A burst in Site Talk posts in the past 2 weeks should not seen as a crisis.

      I think most of us just create and follow threads on our favorite boards, without worrying too much about administrative details. If a discussion format doesn't work, we just ignore it. If a thread seems too much like spam, we just flag it and move on.

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        1. re: paulj

          "Y'all" is/are the site owners.

          1. re: paulj

            Interesting information on boardreader!

            1. re: paulj

              I agree paulj. As a tester, I now couldn't care less about any of it. I have AdBlock Plus so I don't see any ads. I bet "they" just love that.

              1. re: Gio

                Although i don't see many ads what is disturbing is there have been several posts and threads by companies promoting themselves, such as the "do you like ramen" thread started to promote their ramen festival or the whipped cream company pimping their product- which sets an alarming precedent. IMO actually worse than ads...

                1. re: Ttrockwood

                  Well these days I'm dancing between the COTM threads, WFD treads, and What Cookbooks Have You Bought thread. Once in a while I'll go to the main CH board to see what's topical or interesting but usually find it's redundant, or a place to which I have traveled.

                  If what you have said is happening then that's just too pathetic a course of action for the Chowhound site to which I originally signed up. I certainly do not endorse it.

            2. Ask your question again next year. It ain't over til the fat lady sings and word is she's got laryngitis! Relax.

              1. I don't really have a concrete recommendation, but I'll make some candid remarks:

                When I joined ChowHound years ago, there was a vibrant community with wonderful banter about food, recipes (with a weight toward what Americans would call "ethnic food") and restaurants.

                Now, 25% of the posts are "not about food" and address either tipping, reservations, or things guests to to annoy the host(ess).

                The same whiny, cranky voices seem to pop up all the time and a lot of wise and articulate voices have disappeared.

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                1. re: shaogo

                  Well said.

                  I have my main page set at 100 posts and sometimes I run down the list and there is not one thing that interests me anymore. And that's just going by the title of the post; same old same old.

                  1. re: coll

                    >>I have my main page set at 100 posts and sometimes I run down the list and there is not one thing that interests me

                    and wouldn't it be cool if one could set "sections of interest" in one's profile so that one need not scroll through tons and heaps and piles of stuff one can predict is of very low interest.....

                    in the general sense, it's called making things "user friendly" - frankly the programmers need to be required to use the site at least 10 hours per week. then they'd learn why their brilliant ideas are really turkeys.

                    1. re: PSRaT

                      I rarely go the the CH main page. I have saved certain boards or my eye is drawn to the discussion titles at the bottom of this page. That to me is the equivalent of "sections of interest."

                      1. re: c oliver

                        my user name appears in a menu bar. hover there and there's a list of sections I apparently have visited.

                        now, one could expect if one clicks on a specific section in that drop down list one might see "new" / recent messages in that section. but that's not how it's working here. click on a section and every new message from every section appears.

                        one could of course also go with the flow of clicking back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, in the various sections of interest. not very friendly.

                        and, to boot, every time one "starts over" all the messages posted since the last nanosecond are displayed. if you spend more than a second or two in a section, when you go back suddenly your "place" is 2-3-4-5-10 pages "down"

                        software that the designers coders have never used - and do not intent to use, and likely no one other than users fleeing the site will ever care about.

                        I've lurked here for a long time. could never make any sense out of the fourteen thousand sections. can't say if the new/old structure is better or worse, can say it does not foster use.

                        I'm struggling with it; odds are I'll abandon it.

                        1. re: PSRaT

                          Sorry, I really don't understand what you're saying.

                  2. re: shaogo

                    I could write volumes about the voices I miss! hmmm... With contact info so scarce on profile pages how are we supposed to send out Chowhound reunion announcements? But wouldn't that be fun!!!

                    BTW, this is written by someone who never went to a high school or college reunion in her life. But I finally joined my high school alumni association last year only to find that apparently there are only three of us still alive. LOL Life and Chowhound are just like those proverbial Zen rivers... Yay for archives! '-)

                    1. re: shaogo

                      I'm sometimes amazed at how slow Home Cooking is.

                      1. re: rasputina

                        Slow how? The board loading? Maybe because it's one of the boards with the highest activity?

                    2. Hi c,

                      Sites come and go. The whales have been saved, polar bears and penguins, too. I'm pretty sure Chowhound can hang in there, too.

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                      1. re: steve h.

                        Hi steve,

                        Certainly none of us know what's provoking all these changes. But I can anticipate CHs leaving the site (some are already in the process) because it becomes too unwieldy and too bogged down with free advertising. When the word gets out, why wouldn't a restaurant want to post about whatever. I would. I can see going to any regional board and having half the page filled with that kind of ad.

                        So I guess it boils down to whether the new CH turns off enough people who posts really great info that they leave and CHOW becomes the norm.

                        PS: Pretty sure that polar bears and penguins aren't faring too well these days and whales aren't home free either :)

                        1. re: c oliver

                          Polar bears are gamboling, penguins are farting and tap dancing. The whales are playing poker.

                          Don't worry about Chowhound.