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Aug 9, 2014 09:14 PM

Are carrots necessary for pea soup?

I am making a vegetarian pea soup and have no carrots-should I wait until I have carrots to make it? I have everything else needed and am thinking no but wanted to get some opinions.

Using this recipe

Thanks for any suggestions

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  1. With the split peas and potatoes it may just feel like its missing something... Maybe add in some fresh spinach or frozen peas in the last few minutes of cooking for that earthy vegetable flavor and a pop of color.

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      Thanks Ttrockwood

      I am not a mint fan either, especially in savory dishes.

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        Ah, i posted the wrong thing at first-thought you wanted a fresh pea soup....edited my previous comment for split pea

    2. The carrots may add a bit of sweetness, which other split pea recipes might get from ham.

      1. Try adding something from the carrot family...dill, cumin, parsley, celery, parsnip, coriander, etc

        1. Nope. And you may not even miss them. I often leave out ingredients I don't have. Obviously, it won't be exactly the same, but I'm sure it will still be good - and have even more pea flavor.

          1. I know the OP has probably already made her soup, but this may help others with the same question. In the comments on the Food Network recipe referenced, three of the commenters omitted carrots. One just left them out entirely, one substituted sweet potato, another substituted cauliflower.