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Aug 9, 2014 08:34 PM

Birthday dinner in Savannah, GA (Catch: Vegetarian diners)

So, we recently relocated to Savannah from DC, and I'd like to surprise the wife with a nice dinner on her birthday. Both of us are vegetarian, and I am wondering if we can find a restaurant that can accommodate us either through standard menu offerings or if we give enough advance notice. Any recommendations in town or around would be appreciated!


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  1. It's been a while since we ate there, but my wife and I really enjoyed Cha Bella. I'd bet they could do a vegetarian menu for you.

    More recently, I ate solo and got ignored at the bar at The Distillery. Great beer selection, but the answer to "what's the shrimp-to-bread ratio in your po boy" shouldn't be "there's really a lot of shrimp in it" when you only put 5 shrimp in and it costs $14. I haven't been so incensed about lousy service in a restaurant (or tipped so poorly) in many years.

    I also keep going back to the Butterhead Greens cafe for lunch. Love that place.

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      The AJC has a blog entry about Hugh Acheson's new place in Savannah, The Florence. I still need to read the whole thing, but it seems very positive.

    2. I would go to the olde pink house

      I would start with the tavern platter
      Iceberg wedge or the candied pecan salad (my fave)
      Goat cheese stuffed artichokes!!! Or the poppers! Or the mushroom. Or my favorite the cheese plate that is awesome.
      They have a couple of entrees that are veggie too but I haven't had those

      1. Thanks for the replies...we will look into those :D