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Aug 9, 2014 08:02 PM

Looking for grape leaves (or oak or mesquite) for old school pickles

Anyone know where I can find some? Free is obviously better but I'd pay. I'm off Parmer in NW Austin.

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  1. You'll get grape leaves in an Arab/Mid Eastern market. Unfortunately, they will not be fresh. They will be jarred (avoid) or vacuum sealed in plastic (better option). Head out to North Lamar where there are several markets to choose from, or go to a place like Phoenicia Bakery or Sarah's (I'd say communication will be easier at either of those two) and ask if they get fresh grape leaves at any time of the year.

    About 4 years ago, I asked on this board if anyone could rec a Mid-Eastern market which had fresh grape leaves. Somebody told me to go pick wild grape leaves which apparently grow everywhere on the side of the road. I never found any. But maybe you'll have better luck. Not sure if these would be suitable for eating, either. (I wanted them for making wara' ainab.)

    1. Grape leaves are really unnecessary as long as you cut off 1-8"-1/4" of the blossom end of the pickle before pickling.

      I'd make cucumber pickles more often if I could find fresh Kirby's for a decent price (CM charges almost about $2/lb). And while MT has them at half the price, they are always less than fresh.

      1. You might find someone with mustang grapes growing on their land. They are common along creek beds, utility easements next to residential property, and other places with something to cling to and water or a high water table.

        Not sure what they would add to your pickles, but it is worth a shot.

        There are oaks of several species growing all over Austin and Travis Co.; likewise mesquite. I'm having a little trouble trying to imagine the commonality among grape, oak, and mesquite other than that they are all plants.

        1. APK_101 there's a new mediterranean market, davod's, at anderson mill & 183 in the plaza with twin liquors. haven't been yet but it's so close to you, may as well give a call.

          1. Grape/oak leaves are just used for their tannins right? You could probably use green or black tea as they contain tannins as well