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Aug 9, 2014 07:50 PM

Vegetarian Culinary Tour of Spain: Help!

I am headed to Spain for almost two weeks in mid september, and want to focus my tour not only on seeing the sites but eating my way through the best authentic local food spain has to offer, with one catch: I am a vegetarian (dairy and eggs: hell yes, seafood & meat: no).

Now, I know this is a difficult undertaking, as Spain sans meat and fish is nearly a crime to some, but I figure if any community out there can help me, it is the chow world :)

What are your suggestions for the best places to eat in any city that are vegetarian friendly? From street food to fine dining, holes in the walls to neighborhood favorites to dive bars to white tablecloth molecular gastronomy- I'm game. Looking to go wherever I will get the most uniquely spanish foodie experience within my understandably difficult limitations.

From what I have researched about the country and my personal travel preferences, I am looking to focus on Barcelona, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Grenada, & Sevilla, but if you have other must eats I would love to hear. Also, if you have suggestions on the best neighborhoods to stay in within those cities as a single female traveller, I would love to hear.

Thank you!!!

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  1. For your food suggestions the website Happycow is one place to do some research.

    1. I've travelled all over Spain for years as a vegetarian [and now a pescetarian] and I think you'll be fine.

      Is there a reason you're not going to Madrid? Great vegetarian places there [among other things].

      For Barcelona, I'd recommend San Antoni as a great neighborhood to stay. It's central, lively and safe.

      A far as restaurants go, here are a few options in Barcelona:

      Teresa Carles
      Creative food - upscale - touristy - expensive

      Good but a bit rough around the edges. Get the tasting menu.

      Great outdoor terrace. Recently moved to the Raval.

      Juicy Jones
      Good but a bit tired. Recently moved to the Raval.

      Odd experience [in a good way]. Decent food, if on the basic side.

      More here:

      Good luck!