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Aug 9, 2014 06:34 PM

PALOMA, Stamford, CT great restaurant!!

Literally, just got home from an amazing meal at Paloma, and had to post!

The restaurant is on the boardwalk along the newly built Harbor Point. The water views are amazing, and it has such a relaxing atmosphere. The modern indoor dining room wall opens up entirely to face the harbor. There are two outdoor seating areas, one on the main level, and an upstairs dining "roof deck".

I started with the house special "Paloma" cocktail, and knew right away that I was going to love this place. Choosing an entree and a couple of appetizers was a difficult choice. We tried guacamole (outstanding, and fresh!), octopus salad (tender and tasty), and lobster ceviche (words can not describe). The salmon roasted in something similar to a banana leaf was utter perfection. By the time I got to my churros dessert I was stuffed, and depressed that I couldn't eat any more.

I can't wait to go back; I have already picked out my next menu choices!

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  1. Unfortunately we had an opposite experience. Our server was horrible. He got potions of our order wrong, he tried to seat our group of 4 at a large 6 person table when there were plenty of open 4-tops, he disappered for long stretches and he made menu suggestions that were utterly forgettable. Overall, the food was only average. Certainly no better than Brasitas. Prices, as usual, we're too high for the quality of experience. Looking forward to trying Tierra in Westport. Hoping it's better than Paloma.

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    1. re: mla19

      Oh and for cocktail drinkers, the cocktail list is ridiculously long and unfocused and the waiter rushed us through our choices. Ultimately, he recommended a citrus based drink to me that literally tasted like they poured Dole pineapple juice into a cocktail glass and served it.

      1. re: mla19

        Are you sure that you ate at the same Paloma?!?
        PS Westport is way too far for me to travel for a casual dinner. Look forward to hearing your review, though.

        1. re: eyes2big4tummy

          Yup same place. Didn't care for it one bit. We have 2 young kids so I hear you on traveling far for meals being tough, but we'll make the trip if it's worth it and we do the 45min-1hour trip into the city just for meals on a regular basis. Paloma just didn't warrant a return visit for us.

      2. I am in full agreement with eyes2big. We have dined twice at Paloma since they opened (still soft opening stage) and have been impressed with the staff and also the food.
        Celeb Chef and co-owner Aaron Sanchez was in the house this past Thursday night and he couldn’t have been nicer, going table to table taking pics and talking with everyone.
        Drinks are good, food is good. Atmosphere is great. Nothing more you can ask for.
        Happy dining

        1. I ate here Saturday night, it was very busy. (Sign of the Whale rooftop bar was also packed!)
          Drinks were good, food was okay. Service was terrible. There were extended periods of time where our server was nowhere to be found, drinks took 25 mins to come out and we still had not placed our order by then. Food also took a very long time to arrive. For every food item or cocktail we asked about, the server simply said it was phenomenal, the best, amazing... not very helpful when looking for suggestions! Once the food arrived, I found flavors to be rather plain and uninspired.
          Will give a second try since the atmosphere was fun and setting was nice.