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Aug 9, 2014 06:30 PM

Wineries/Tasting Rooms that belong on another planet?

I've always been fascinated with wineries and tasting rooms that have their own little charm. I know in Sonoma there's a couple that resemble castles etc. But i want to go even more weird than that...

Does anyone know of anything?

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  1. It seems that tasting rooms at wineries seem to be the only places where people pay full retail price for wine. When I visit a friend in Paso Robles, we hit a lot of tasting rooms, but he always heads for the local supermarket after we finish to get the wines we liked at much lower prices.

    1. Hey there!

      Thanks for the comment although i'm not too sure you got the gist of the topic here! But no worries. I'm looking for some really weird/architecturally amazing wineries/tasting rooms that people have visited.


      1. Check out some of the lesser known wine regions. One winery that comes to mind is Dobra Zemlja in Amador county. Their tasting room is in their cave.

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          Thanks Pam, this is great!

          I know that there are more trippy wineries out there... Alice in Wonderland-esque, that kind of things. Where the architecture is just out of this world. Its just a case of finding the buggers!

        2. If you are looking for statements of modern architecture, Stryker
          Sonoma in Alexander Valley and Andis Winery in Amador are quite
          distinctive. I assume you are aware of Sterling in Napa, which is accessible by gondolas. It has a great view of Napa Valley. In
          ElDorado, Mt Aukum Winery is at the top of a steep hill and
          is at 2615 ft. It has a great view but the access road is quite twisty and will give you a few frights along the way.

          Many wineries besides Dobra Demjla have wine caves, such as Bella in Dry Creek and Bella Grace in Amador

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            This is fantastic, thanks so much bclevy!

            I'm a club member at Bella, absolutely love it. I am drawn to their zinf's especially, which I suppose they are known for.

            Here are thee wineries that I found which had weird architectural associations with them; Amosa in Napa, Domecq in Alava and Ceretto's Brunate vineyard in Italy!

          2. Artesa, not out of this world, but worth looking into.

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