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Aug 9, 2014 05:38 PM

I've never been a *Quick* Cook

I see threads here about how can I cook pork chops quick or how can I put dinner on the table in 15 minutes to feed my family because we have sports/extra activities.

I went through all that too but sometimes I'd stew chicken breasts the night before and make a chicken salad for the next night. The other few nights it was take-out.

To walk through the front door after working all day and and rush dinner is/was still
foreign to me.

I'm what's considered a slow cook for relaxation and I have no problem with that:-)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Huge pisser about the nudges.

      I, too, am a slow cook. I'm a huge fan of Cooks Illustrated, and I've come to find out that I have to do one thing or another the day (or weekend) before if I intend to have a "Weeknight Dinner" on the table in any reasonable amount of time. Once I figured it out, it ceased to bother me. "Know thyself," I guess.

      1. Me neither. I thought I was the only one. My friends expect it from me after all the years. I have to do something before I do something. I am slow as hell. Must be a type of OCD. But the food sure comes out good. I feel fortunate to be able to do this.

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        1. re: emglow101

          I'm a multi-tasker but not in the kitchen. I do things one at a time. Mise en place is my friend. As is prepping every darn thing I can WAY ahead of time.

          1. re: emglow101

            "I have to do something before I do something." Oh, yes! I sometimes feel like I'm living proof of infinite regression.

          2. I think this illusion of dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less is a fallacy perpetrated by the media to sell cookbooks and tv shows.
            Rachel Ray can get just about any manner of foodstuff to fruition in her 30-minute show. Pioneer Woman pulled some 16-minute meal bs out of her butt.
            Really? 16 minutes? Not 15 or 17 minutes but 16.
            OK, whatever.

            My point is that I think this expectation of really fast, full-on meals in under 30-minutes eludes most home cooks. We shouldn't feel badly because we don't have a bevy of assistants prepping our food and stocking our kitchens.

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            1. re: monavano

              About the only thing I could possibly pull off in under 30 minutes is pasta carbonara with a really simple salad.

              1. re: c oliver

                I know there are things we can pull off in about 30 minutes, but it seems we get pelted with the notion that somewhat intricate meals can be on the table in 30 minutes or less.
                Oh, RR also has a bevy of staff to help her clean to tornado that tears a path through her set kitchen when she's done with her "quickie" meals!

                1. re: monavano

                  Oh, heavens, yes. I've always wanted 'minions' and the older I get (67) the more I want :)

                2. re: c oliver

                  C Oliver,
                  But knowing you, that pasta and simple salad are likely to be quite good and tasty.

                  1. re: Tripeler

                    Well, you're quite kind...but not necessarily :)

                  2. re: c oliver

                    Hah, did that this week. Crazy good when you factor in effort to deliciousness. Got some insane guanciale and figured I needed to do pasta carbonara.

                      1. re: c oliver

                        Next time you're in Seattle try the swinery in west seattle for some guanciale. Possibly the best smell ever when you fry it up. I'm gonna do GLT's soon with some....that'd be a 15 minute meal hah.

                    1. re: c oliver

                      Ain't nothin' wrong with that.


                    2. re: monavano

                      I once saw a special where RR did a Thanksgiving dinner in one hour. By the end of the show, I was on the verge of a panic attack.

                      Another slow cooker here. I stop at the store almost every day after work and by the time we eat it's 9 or so. Of course, I'm sure the wine slows me down some.

                    3. I do a lot of prepping and cooking on the week-end, it gives me a head start for the mad rush of the coming work week.

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                      1. re: treb

                        yeah, weekend prep is really the only way you can pull off a '30 minute' dinner, I think. But that's not what cooking is for me either. I love the 'don't try this at home' recipes. :)