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Aug 9, 2014 04:50 PM

How to ship hatch chilies?

A relative fell in love with them but they are on the east coast. Any ideas on getting them there? Can I just throw them in a zip loc and mail them.

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  1. You may have noticed that it is 100+ outside. About the only way I would be comfortable shipping them would be really expensive. Foam container, cold packs, and overnight FedEx; pretty much the way the folks at Seattle's Pike Place market ship fish.

    Otherwise, you risk them getting composted peppers in a few days time.

    1. folks in new mexico can ship them in perforated boxes, so I bet they'll keep that way for two days at room temperature. the sealed bag probably would collect moisture inside and may start spoilage. 20 pounds for around 75 bucks out the door.

      1. Depending on where they are on the east coast, if they're close to a Wegmans, they will have them there.

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          NC so no Wegmans @slowcooked how would I get one of those open crate boxes? I doubt the post office would let me ship them that way.

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            What about those "green" veggie bags that supposedly "breathe?" For second day air, I would be totally comfortable with a regular cardboard boxed, taped for shipment, with ice pick holes strategically punched.

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              Geesh I have no idea where to get the pre made boxes, but RB's idea would surely work, plus the cardboard would absorb moisture.

              I bet dimes to dollars peppers would keep for two days no matter how hot the environment - that's where they grow. It's not like it's chicken. I bet if you call any number of places in new mexico that ship them, e.g. the link above, they'd tell you they ship them at room temp.

          2. Thought a bit more. If they like the roasted chiles and would accept frozen, you could ship them roasted, frozen blocks with a couple of pounds of dry ice by 2-day Air.

            I know the problem as I used to return through New Mexico in late Sept from backpacking and would always buy 2-4 bushels of fresh chiles. Then it was a trick to see if I could pack them in enough ice to make the 12 hour drive to Austin. (and then you have to stand out in the late Sept heat and roast them)

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              All the grocery stores sell them pre-roasted. Not cost effective but often very convenient.

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                    Oh I meant CSA! Community supported agriculture box (veggie box)