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Aug 9, 2014 04:27 PM

What happened to Thai Pan in Leesburg?

I am so disappointed in the meal we ordered from Thai Pan this week. We have eaten there since before 2012 when new owners took over and have always been able to find dishes we enjoy. This week the Panang curry sauce for the Panang Crispy Duck contained a previously frozen mixture of peas, carrots, and lima beans. Gross. Really, really gross. The beef in the beef salad was the worst quality beef I've ever had at a Thai restaurant. What happened? Anyone else have that experience or did we just catch a new cook or an off night?

For the record, the chicken satay and Som Tum were fine.

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  1. Strange. I'm there a couple times a month and haven't noticed a change. I will say that consistency was never their strong suit but the food was always good.