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Rio de Jainero, Trancoso and other areas nearby

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My good friend is getting married to a Brazilian woman in Trancoso in a couple of months (yey!). My husband and I are really excited to go to the weeding and to explore the area. We are will likely be staying at the Villas de Trancoso for about 4 days and need a few suggestions for getting around, where to eat, the best beaches, etc.

We will also be going to Rio de Janeiro for a few days before flying to Porto Seguro airport for the wedding. Any suggestions in Rio would also be awesome. We have not picked a hotel yet but most likely we'll be staying in Ipanema or Leblon. This is our first trip to Brazil and total time spent there will be around 9 days.

Thank you guys!

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  1. As you can tell probably, this board doesn't get a ton of traffic but here's a recent thread with some really good sounding places:


    If you just type in rio de janeiro in the search field you'll get more. And the older threads aren't necessarily out of date. If you have questions about particular places, then hopefully someone can help you out.

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      Thanks c oliver, I appreciate the heads up. It's too bad there isn't a lot of action on this board. Latin America is so beautiful I really wish people would post about their experiences more often. I'll take a look at the link you sent me as far as Rio suggestions.