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Aug 9, 2014 03:14 PM

Foodies from L.A, need help in Lake Tahoe

Header says it all, but we 2 foodies will be in Lake Tahoe and need some recommendations for our 4 night stay. Open to anything great, money not an important factor. Thanks in advance.

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  1. North Shore or South Shore?

    Have you read any of the existing threads?

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    1. re: c oliver

      South side, but we have a car. I have "sort" of looked on the site, but it's all so confusing.

      1. re: xoxohh

        Here's a recent thread:

        If you put South Shore Lake Tahoe in the search box (top right) you'll get more. You can also search for Truckee which isn't on the lake but has some really good food.

        It's a solid 45 minute drive from south to north. It's a beautiful drive on the west shore but they ARE doing road work so you'd probably want to take 50 on the east shore.

        It's really gorgeous here right now and I know you'll have a great time.

        1. re: c oliver

          Thanks so much for responding. We are staying at the new hotel called The Landing. Really excited to try it. I will look over the thread you included.

    2. the restaurant at the landing is very good. evans at the Y is good, 19 at top of harveys for view and chart house for view, freshies for casual, riva grill or it's sister -garwoods on the north shore ...going towards north shore, there is some really good places at incline village-bite, big water grille, lone eagle grill at the hyatt. going emerald bay way- rum runner at beacon at camp richardson, west shore cafe
      i know i have forgotten a ton of places ..

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      1. re: toncasmo

        If taking the West Shore route, then Sunnyside (IMO the best view of the lake) and just past there on the left is Fire Sign, breakfast and lunch only.

        1. re: toncasmo

          Wow...such a wealth of knowledge. I will do some research on your suggestions. Glad to hear the restaurant in our hotel is worth going to.

          1. re: toncasmo

            Hi. I'd like to interject that while the beach and view from Beacon is nice, the food is horrible and extremely expensive for the poor quality. Buyer beware.

          2. I’m no foodie, but I get to LA several times a year to eat, where I’ve enjoyed Italian, French, New American, Mexican, San Gabriel Valley Asian, etc. I live close enough to drive to dinner at Tahoe, which I do regularly. My warning is that a LA foodie should lower their expectations down to “good” food, to be pleasantly surprised if they encounter better. Don’t lower your price expectations however. Stella at the Cedar House Hotel in Truckee is the only foodie restaurant about which I’ve heard around Tahoe. Watch out, Google says their website is infected! There is a site for their cooking school (linked below) that’s OK and gives you some idea of the food. The Rustic Lounge at Cedar Glenn Lodge at Tahoe Vista on the north shore might be foodie. Cristy Hill and Wolfdale’s Cuisine Unique in Tahoe City might be good.

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            1. re: BN1

              Trokay in Truckee is highly touted but I'm not sure I'd want to drive from South Shore all the way to Truckee.

              I pretty much agree with you. I call it lowest common denominator food (generally). They're appealing to large numbers of tourists who are mostly there for the outdoor appeal and, while spending lots of money on food is fine, I don't really see anything cutting edge going on.

              1. re: c oliver

                Oh I'm depressed. I so wanted to enjoy some meals...oh well...

                1. re: xoxohh

                  You're going to enjoy food. Just don't think it's going to compare with what you get in LA and you won't be disappointed. People don't come to Tahoe for the food.

            2. msybe go open minded and not depressed and you'll be pleasantly surprised!!

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              1. re: toncasmo

                In no way was I saying that Tahoe food is bad or even disappointing but I wouldn't expect LA/SF/NYC kinda food.

                  1. re: xoxohh

                    hope you report back and let us know where you went and what you thought!

                    1. re: toncasmo

                      Yes...happy to report on our food adventures. Not sure of our travel dates as yet, but hope to reserve days the first week or two in Sept....

              2. I had some apps at Jimmy's at the Landings last night and they were great. The menu looks terrific, with many wood burning oven options. It's upscale Greek and reminds me of Kokkari in San Francisco. The hotel is gorgeous-a great addition to South Shore. We didn't stay for dinner because we were headed to Naked Fish which is as good a sushi place as I've had in cities like San Francisco, etc. I've always liked Evans, but haven't been for a few years. Lakeside Casino has a Latin American menu that looks interesting but haven't tried it, as does Artemis.

                Truckee and Tahoe City have excellent choices but it's a long drive. Incline Village is closest on north shore and I like Big Water Grille, Le Bistro, Jackrabbit Moon, and Bite.

                I can't recommend anything in Carson City, except for Red's Old 395 for great wings. If you are in Reno, Campo is great. I also like Napa Bistro in Atlantis Casino(this would be a terrific stand alone restaurant), 4th St. Bistro, South Creek Pizza(wood fired of course), and SODO.

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                1. re: RevrendAndy

                  totally forgot about naked fish, which we love and jackrabbit moon which we like alot..

                  1. re: toncasmo

                    The new Yelp guy for the area, who knows food, likes it also.

                  2. re: RevrendAndy

                    Thanks for responding. Looks like Jimmy's and Evans will be 2 of our four nights. Still deciding on the other two.

                    1. re: xoxohh

                      two winners i think!! there's lunches too :)

                      1. re: toncasmo

                        Typically we eat a largeish breakfast and dinner, then dessert. Lunch is not something we do. That said, breakfast ideas would be appreciated too. We love pastries and/or donuts with great coffee.