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Aug 9, 2014 02:37 PM

Transporting wine and spirits in car for 6 hours

I plan on taking a road trip very soon to a destination that is six hours away from my home. At the very end of my short 4 day weekend vacation, I'll be stopping by a winery and distillery to pick up some wine, gin, and possibly other spirits to take home.

What precautions should I take to protect the integrity of the wines and spirits while in transport? Should I bring a special type of container or box to prevent the wine from being "cooked" in the heat of the sunlight as I'm driving?

BTW, I'll be blasting the air conditioner during the entire drive back down to my home. Is it sufficient to simply keep the liquor under the front seat and out of direct sunlight? I'm assuming that keeping the liquor in the trunk is a no-no.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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  1. I'm thinking that as long as you don't camp out during stops, you should be okay if you keep it in the car with you in the A/C and out of the sun.

    If you're worried, you could pick up a six-pack of cold sodas and stack them among the bottles - they'll help keep it cold and you'll have sodas!

    1. Just like Sunshine842 said if you park your car, park in the shade. I keep my alcohol in a cooler bag with one hard, plastic frozen ice pack in it. One of the heavy duty ones or two wimpy frozen packs. This way, if you want to stop to eat(of course this is the only reason for road trips)you have no worries!!

      1. Keep the bottles in an insulated box in the air conditioned car. The insulation will greatly slow any possible heat infiltration into the bottles. If you are truly paranoid, throw some ziplocks of ice in with the bottles.

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          Plus: once back home, wait a few days before opening any of those bottles.

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            Can you explain what you mean by an insulated box? So you mean a styrofoam cooler? Thanks!

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              Styrofoam cooler, plastic wheeled cooler with fancy handles, you name it. I got a big styrofoam box my doctor was throwing out after the vaccines were delivered, keep it in my car trunk to bring stuff back from the supermarket. YMMV.

          2. a cooler with ice is a good idea for the wine, for sure.

            1. The spirits can definitely go in the trunk