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King Harbor Brewing Co. Redondo Beach

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I know you're all heading down this way for the free Jimmy Buffett show that starts at 6 on the Hermosa Beach Pier today so...

...new brewery, 3-5 beers available with a "Quest" beer single hop pale ale with a rotating twist ("While the grain bill remains constant the single hop will change several times through out the year creating a unique experience by showcasing different hop profiles. This is our way of creating a great beer that showcases the awesome flavors of totally radical hops.")

I like the old school tap room and simplified menu.

Tap Room Hours:

Wednesday/ Thursday – 4 to 8pm

Friday – 4 to 9pm

Saturday – Noon to 9pm

Sunday – Noon to 6pm

2907 182nd Street Redondo Beach
beers are $5/pint and $13/growler refill

Some of the same team as the Bruery -- no frills, food = free popcorn. More locations to come/possibly just sold in other bars.

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