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Aug 9, 2014 02:04 PM

Weird/Stupid Decanters

Some of the weirdest decanters to have ever been created...
(taken from my blog about wine amongst other things!)

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  1. # 1: a disaster waiting to happen.
    # 2: Huh? Only a high-priced cardiologist could possibly find this amusing. Or affordable.
    # 3: no comment.
    # 4: no aeration = not a decanter.
    # 5: possibly the most ludicrous design in the history of design, and I'm not limiting that statement to decanters.
    # 6: a different kind of disaster waiting to happen; your best friend has had one glass too many and knocks this over. Your wife is deliriously happy because that ugly thing is out of the house. Unless, of course, the wine spills all over her beautiful, deep-pile beige carpet. Then, she throws your friend out of the house. Meanwhile, you're out four large.

    PS: Welcome to Chowhound!

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    1. re: mcsheridan

      Oh my gosh, that was just great to read, thank you for that amusement :P

      Thank you for the wonderful welcome too, I'm looking forward to getting stuck in here and learning a thing or too in the process.

      I have manyyyyy questions I want to ask the community. Big wine lover here and a little bit of a self confessed foodie too!

    2. Most decanters look like urinals, and those in the link are just ridiculous looking!

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      1. re: monavano

        I just got in image in my mind from reading this monavano...

        I'm picturing a modern winery. I've just arrived and i'm excited to check out the wine... the decor makes this place look like it should be on some foreign planet. I decide i need to visit the bathroom before the tasting begins.

        I walk down the hallway and push the light metallic door to its side and the first thing I see when i walk into this bathroom are giant urinal decanters....

        Classy ;)