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Aug 9, 2014 02:01 PM

Substituted Green Jalapeños for Red

I have a hot sauce recipe that calls for Red Jalapeños. Those are really hard to come by, so can I substitute green for red? I know the taste will be different.

Thanks in advantage

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  1. the taste will likely be better. Red are older on the vine and just add color. The flavor is the same.

    1. As genoO points out the reds are ripe older versions of the greens but are often somewhat sweeter and can lack the heat of the green jalepenos.

      Green jalepenos vary in heat very often anymore, but I;d be wary of 1:1 ratio substitutions.

      Greens can kick your taste buds into high gear depending upon the source. Reds are a littel more gentle. At least in my years of cooking and using them.

      1. Not a problem. As others have mentioned, the flavor will be somewhat different but still delicious.

        1. As Stated by jjrfoodie the flavor is different.
          Green Jalapeños have a grassy,more one note taste where as Reds have a more full, Fruity flavor. Pretty much the same as Green Bells to Red Bells.
          The heat level has more to do with growing conditions than color.
          Are you making a Green Sriracha Sauce?

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            I am making a hot sauce recipe I got for the America's Test Kitchen DIY cookbook. Did great with the ketchup and mustard recipe from there.

            Thanks for all the info received from everyone

            1. re: kumitedad

              Actually, It looks like they used Fresno Chilis though they called them Red Jalapeños. You can tell from the conical pointed shape.

              1. re: chefj

                ATK isn't going to call for a chile that is hard to find. Fresnos are more common in USA markets than red-ripe Jalapenos.

                1. re: paulj

                  Then why did they? or was this a name that the OP added?

              2. re: kumitedad

                Given the source, I'd say color is more important than the detailed flavor differences (if any). Usually ATK has a page discussing their choices and alternatives.