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Aug 9, 2014 01:38 PM
Photo Story

Lucca, Italy - Pizzeria da Felice, Antica Drogheria, La Bonta

I spent several days in Lucca, Italy a few weeks back, and had some nice meals. The best sit-down dinner was at Il Mecenate, which I wrote about here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/985340

Another sit down dinner was at Trattoria da Leo, which I didn't think was good at all. Overcooked roasts, mediocre pasta, boring contorni.

We walked by Pizzeria da Felice a few times before eating there, and I was reluctant to give it a try because it seemed somewhat touristy. However, we tried it on a rainy day for a late lunch, and it honestly was probably the best food we ate in all of Lucca (even better than what I ate at Il Mecenate). We ordered a whole pizza (half sausage, half salami), and also tried a slice of the cecina, fresh out of the oven. The pizza had a thin crust, great sauce, and a good cheese/sauce ratio (i.e. not too much cheese). Probably one of the 5 best pizzas I've had in my life (others mainly being in New York and New Haven) Photos below.

Another dinner was at Antica Drogheria, which has both pizzas and pastas. We liked this meal, and the overall vibe of this casual restaurant. Pizza here was very different than it was at Il Mecenate. It was personal-sized and had a slightly thicker crust, more Neopolitan style I think. I really wanted to love this place, but in the end I felt only 'pretty-good' about it. Might be a better option for lunch.

Finally, I thought gelato in Lucca was pretty hit-or-miss. La Bonta was really good for non-fruit flavors (i.e. chocolate, coffee), but they were even better for a dessert which we purchased to bring home: mini cream puffs covered in chocolate and piled into a crunchy hazelnut/candy crust. Otherwise, the best gelato I had in Lucca was at Grom, which was too bad because it's a chain which I'd had before.

Cecina at Pizzeria da Felice

Pizza from Pizzeria da Felice

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  1. I hadnt realized that cecona = farinata - thats great stuff!

    1. Yep, that is good stuff. I also liked the bakery around the corner from da Felice. The Cecina made the list of our top 10 eats in Tuscany... http://eatingwithziggy.com/2013/12/06...

      Nice post

      1. Thanks for reporting back! Leaving for Italy in a month and hoping to finally try cecina/farinata this trip!

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          thats great - I highly recommend this