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Aug 9, 2014 01:31 PM

Marinated anchovies?

Hello hello–

I was recently up in Hamden, CT and had some absolutely fantastic marinated anchovies from a local Italian market. Naturally they've got a much better selection of this kind of thing than we do, but is there anywhere around here that stocks them? I bought some from the deli at Central Market... they're decent, but they definitely leave something to be desired. A little heavy on the oil.

Nobody every has anything to say about Mandola's it seems, but I figure they could have them. Anywhere else?

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  1. was the kind you got at CM boquerones? that's the only kind i've seen around austin.

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    1. re: dinaofdoom

      I can't remember if they were labeled specifically boquerones, but they're of that ilk – vinegar/salt cured and stored in oil.

    2. I think that Mandola's in the Triangle used to have them, but over the past several months they have been reducing their bulk sales cold cases and I never know whether I can find anchovies or salt-cured capers. I'd call first.

      1. Central Market and Whole Foods both have them, but just one variety, but marinated they are.. I've used them.

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          CM in the past has also had pre-packaged, refrigerated marinated anchovies wrapped around large capers and stuck on skewers in flat cryovac packs. I have some pictures of them someplace but seem to have misplaced them. Can't say I've seen them there recently, but I haven't looked closely at that section (under the cheese near sausage chubs and pickled stuff).

        2. Arro had boquerones on the menu a couple weeks ago...fantastic. Bought some at Central Market but haven't had them yet. You want "white anchovies".

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            Yes, it's funny... until not too long ago, I thought the white anchovies were a different variety, then I read that they're just turned white from the vinegar. Not sure what the big difference is between boquerones and the Italian preparation other than name.

            Side note, for anyone who's into this sort of glutamate-rich flavor bomb kind of thing (ugh, think I just channeled my inner Fieri with that one), I'd highly recommend picking up a can of El Faro white anchovy stuffed manzanilla olives. I think they still sell them in the deli section of Enoteca, not sure about anywhere else in town. I could easily eat a whole can in one sitting.

              1. re: popvulture

                I am a big fan of El Faro anchovy stuffed olives. I currently have an unopened 14oz can while I work my way through the 42oz can. I get them at Spec's who carries all three sizes. We had a thread on anchovy stuffed olives (ASO's) a year or three ago. But just to note - there nothing on the label that identifies these as *white* anchovies and the filling is not white.

                If you want an introduction to them, you can also get Roland brand at World Market and Specs, Serpis at Central Market, and Goya at many HEB's. But after any of those you have to try El Faro as they're the best.