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Aug 9, 2014 01:05 PM

Hot Dogs N' Stuff (Sabrett dogs and Schwab Hot Links)

This stand is always out in front of the north central Lowe's off Steck / Mopac. I think Sabrett beef hot dogs are the best flavored going - and now a new winner tube steak has emerged, the schwab beef hot link (oklahoma city). wow. where the EFF have hot links been all my life, especially this one???. snaps perfectly, just the right amount of cayenne and garlic, hickory smoked. fantastic. you walk up, they pop the morsels out of the steamer and onto the flat top for a bit of browning, and bam. always hot, always good. regular unexciting bread, and the standard condiments. this guy knows his hot dogs N' stuff … They finally have a tent over the single picnic table. zero ambiance, but you eat and go buy a drill. 2.50 for a regular, 3.75 for a jumbo. can't recall how much the hot link was but we left for 8 bucks and change with a regular, jumbo, and hot link. great snack.

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  1. I wind up eating these pretty often on lowes runs. nice catch.

    1. They would be better if they were natural casing Sabretts instead of the skinless ones. They are good though.