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Aug 9, 2014 12:11 PM

Need idea re-post re: zucchini casserole on the grill

Someone posted (I think in one of the WFD threads) about a zucchini and stuffing casserole. The post mentioned they do it a lot on the grill next to whatever else they are grilling. I've searched the recent threads and can not find it. Sorry, but all I remember is: zucchini, stuffing package, grill, casserole. It sounded darn good--any help?????

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  1. Think that might have been me?? When great summer veggies are starting to pile up (THANK YOU, great neighbors), I do a layered casserole. THINLY sliced tomatoes, zukes, onions... and anything else you like... mushrooms, peppers (hot or mild),asparagus, green beans. I layer veggies with seasoned croutons (or box stuffing mix... in that case, no salt added) and plenty of shredded cheese. I drizzle liberally with melted butter and just let it do it's thing on grill what whatever else I'm cooking is... well, cooking!?! None of the veggies have to cook long and could be eaten raw... I say it's ready for last layer (more cheese) when it's bubbling. IMO, it's even better the next day after all the juices are soaked up by croutons/stuffing.

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      Ding! Ding! We have a winner! Thanks so much...this will be on the menu for this week. :)

    2. I had actually filed this recipe in my mind, but now I have clipped it into my evernote. I'll have to make this soon with summer veg. Thanks for bringing this back to mind!