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Aug 9, 2014 08:28 AM

THE BEST SW CT Farmer's Markets

I'm going to take a ride today with my wife into the "country". I live in Norwalk and would like to stop @ a farmers market or farm stand to get some super fresh corn & other produce. I would like it to be within an hour's drive from home. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Would that I knew my CT geography better, but will try to weigh in and hope it's relevant/helpful.

    It's probably already past time for many of the Sat Farmer's Markets (usually AM til early afternoon). I've been to ones in Litchfield and New Milford and like both (expensive and only partly organic, speaking as someone used to lower California prices and ready access to organic produce!).

    Some farm stands I like: Sullivan Farms on 202 just outside New Milford, en route to Litchfield--and a new one, Clatter Valley Farm, on Rte 7, in New Milford, just past the 202 intersection, if you're heading to Kent.

    But if you're driving in the country, at this time of year, you should "bump into" other farm stands--and you probably can't go wrong. Have fun!

    1. There is a farmer from the Goshen area who sets up a farm stand on Park Ave in Bridgeport across from the golf course just north of the Discovery Museum. His daughters have run the stand for many years. The van has the CT license plate: "MR. CORN" or "MR. KORN" They may have more than one van. Wonderful corn, cukes, native tomatoes, beans, and fruits that vary all summer.

      Take exit 47 on the Merritt and it's a 5 minute drive south and will be on the left in front of a long stone wall. There will be a canopy set up in front of the van.

      In Monroe on the Town Green (RT 111) is a Friday only farmer's market. Trumbull's was shut down this year. The GD health district (the same one who covers Monroe) insisted that the farmers have refrigerators not coolers for prepared foods, cakes, jellies even though it was just a 3 hour market once a week. Government gone bad.

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        GEEZ, that IS government gone bad. :(

        I've been to Jones Family Farms in Shelton for wine tasting (why not do that along with picking up fresh produce, right?) and know they have a Friday Farmers' Market.

        Where did you and your wife wind up, zackly?

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          We never made the trip. The farmer's markets that were open on Saturdays mostly closed by 3:00PM and by the time we finished lunch we weren't going to make any on time.

      2. I was in Greenwich last weekend and the farmer's market near the train station on Saturday is very high-quality. Lots of beautiful and delicious produce, gorgeous cut flowers, & an assortment of other goodies. It's not exactly the country, but it's got the best of the country on offer.

        And my local fave in Hamden -- still within an hour of you -- is Hindinger Farm, which is currently overflowing with the great stuff they grow.

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          Love Hindinger's Farm. Lived in Hamden for 18 years before moving to Trumbull and I miss it. But many local farms here with excellent produce, especially Plasko's on Daniel Farms Rd only 30 minutes from OP in Norwalk