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Aug 9, 2014 06:31 AM

Need one more dinner for our trip

We have the following 5 dinners planned:

State bird provisions

Then we seem to be leaning towards Kokkari over Aziza.

Just in case we die on this trip, I want to make sure we get our meals in order, what wold you change. ..

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  1. I would put Saison last (just not as memorable or interesting as the others imo, yet more expensive). State bird a good warmup.

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    1. re: barleywino

      We are getting married at city hall and going to saison for dinner afterwards. Thanks for ruining our wedding.

      1. re: albatruffles

        not to worry, you will enjoy all of your meals. Ask the Saison mixologist to make you a special wedding cocktail! He's also an expert at punches if you want a punchbowl

        1. re: albatruffles

          Besides, now that i've lowered your expectations, you will enjoy the meal even more when it comes out of the kitchen

      2. I like both Kokkari and Aziza, but they are very different types of restaurants. Much depends on what you think you're going to want when you already have some very high end small plates/tasting menu restaurants.

        Kokkari is hearty and earthy and substantial. A more traditional-type restaurant. Depending on when you go, parking is advised at the Embarcadero Center garages.

        Aziza is fusion, Moroccan-style. Except for the cous-cous and the lamb shank, plates are not large, very little or no starch on the plates. We treat it as like a tasting menu, ordering a lot of starters (which are small) to share, with a couple of orders of Lahlou's terrific flatbread. The fish is always amazing. Street or valet parking, but street parking is REALLY hideous around Aziza (I used to live three blocks away). Unless you come before 6p it's almost certain you'll need to use valet parking, unless you're using a taxi. Do not under ANY circumstances park in the small city parking lots (there is one a half-block from Aziza on Geary); the meters run until midnight and they only take Metro cards!