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Aug 9, 2014 05:21 AM

I need help!!

Hi All-

I woke up in a state of panic at 3AM. I am having some people over today for an outdoor pool party.

I told everyone it would just be ight food, stuff to snack on and now I can't come together with a proper menu.

Initially I was going to use what I had on hand and make Chicken kebabs, and possibly chicken kebabs with pineaple. Also, skewer up some shrimp and grill that. I was going to have some hamburgers made on hand in case anyone wants some.

For snacks and appetizers I am confused. I make a really good bruschetta that everyone loves so I was thinking of making that with some grilled bread and then an antipasta plate with cheese and crackers? I dsoon't know if that's enough? I was also thinking of adding a feta dip with some pita bread and then addding lamb kebabs to the menu. It seems like a lot though for only 5 possibly six people?

Should I add like a pasta salad?

Any thoughts?


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  1. I think your menu sounds great for a pool party. I would do the additions only because it's easy to eat a lot of skewers. Plus, all that will be good as leftovers as well. But, maybe not the cheese only because it may get warm in the sun. Maybe add some hummus or baba ganoush to go with the pita? Personally, I love salty junk food at the pool, chips and salsa, potato chips, pretzels. Something to munch and crunch on.

    Have fun!

    1. Take a deep breath. Chicken skewers with pineapple are fine, shrimp maybe in a peanut sauce or some other spicy sauce also fine. Make your bruschetta, skip the lamb kebabs & feta dip - especially as you going to have hamburgers on hand. As you said, it's only six people. You're not feeding an army, and you did say it was light snacks. The antipasto platter's a good idea for insurance purposes, and can always be sandwich material if it doesn't get eaten.

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        <<As you said, it's only six people. You're not feeding an army, and you did say it was light snacks.>>


      2. I always like watermelon and grapes (though not together!) in a summer party setting. Very refreshing. The kebabs sound great!


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          Yes, I agree with the queen. Take advantage of the great summer fruits and put out some melon, peaches, grapes, cherries, ... No work involved!

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            You could also skewer the grapes & freeze them. Excellent by the pool! Agree w/ the others, your menu sounds great.

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              People may not want to eat a whole fruit (eg peach) and cutting up fruit for fruit salad takes longer than you'd think. I helped with a pool party (for 15 people) two weeks ago where two of us did nothing but cut up fruit for two hours.

          2. Skip all the skewering it will save you lots of time and hassle for no real gain.
            As already stated your talking about 6 People and you have 6 items, you will have more than enough food. You have already gone beyond expectations,You've told your Guests "Light Food", Hamburgers, Grilled Chicken is not "just stuff to snack on"

            1. What did you end up doing?