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Aug 9, 2014 05:07 AM


Tried to post this yesterday.

We were given black rockfish caught in Alaska. As I've not encountered this fish before I would like some opinions. A search of this board and google has not been helpful, other than to tell me it is not snapper all though occasionally labeled as such.
Consistency-meaty like tuna, firm yet a bit flakey like halibut, other? Taste-mild like halibut or strong like salmon or sea bass? Favorite ways to prep-grill, sauté, fry? I would appreciate your help!

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  1. I used to commercial fish black rockfish.
    They are no different in flavor/texture than a 'copper' or a 'quill back'.
    White firm flesh. Delicate but can get a bit 'rubbery' if over cooked.
    Not as flakey as a halibut. Like a small ling cod.
    Very slow saut'e in clarified butter. Season with S&P. Undercook rather than overcook.
    Don't add any other flavors except a little squeeze of fresh lemon juice.
    Just delight in the natural flavor of the fish.