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Aug 8, 2014 08:22 PM

Ballard/Fremont/Phinney/Greenwood Searching for Not So Darn Sweet Thai Food

We have yet to find a Thai food place that is not sugary sweet in NW Seattle (we were successful in SE Seattle, but we recently moved). So far we've had an assortment of soups, noodles, and veggie and chicken or tofu dishes, none with coconut milk, from Chillies Paste in Fremont and Thai Thani in Ballard. Every dish from both places tasted as if made primarily with sugar water. Chillies' food was the more sugary of the two, but not by much. After 2 strikeouts, time to turn to Chowhound. Any suggestions for a Thai restaurant in the Ballard area that doesn't cook with what tastes like simple syrup?

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  1. I've had good experiences with Pestle Rock, which is northern Thai.

    Not in your area but in Rainier valley I love Viengthong (one of my fav places in Seattle regardless of cuisine).

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      1. I like Krua in LQA and Kwanjai in Fremont.

        1. Thai Siam has been recommended to me but I've yet to visit. I hear that they're willing to cook Northern Thai dishes if you give them ample notice.

          1. As people have said, Pestle Rock is very good and the Thai Siam is also one of our somewhat regular stops (young kids have made going out hard over the last several years). If you like spicy, and I mean very spicy, Thai Siam is the place (3 stars is a 6 at most places and 4 stars is basically straight pain).

            1. Seconding Pestle Rock. I've also had good experiences with Mai Thaiku in Phinney.