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Aug 8, 2014 06:43 PM

Battered Fries. Are they french fries?

It happened to me again: at a decent brew pub (although the emphasis was on the beer, not the food), burgers came with an option of 'french fries' on the side according to the menu. There was a small extra charge for the fries, but I went for it and ordered them.

What I received was a good burger, medium rare as ordered, and battered fries. Sigh. I really dislike battered fries, ate none of them, and wouldn't have ordered them had I known, but the menu had no description besides 'french fries'.

For some reason this seems to happen to me most often at brew pubs, but I still forget to ask if fries are indeed just potato, salt, oil. I left the fries and didn't complain, but would I have been out of line to point out that I ordered fries and got something else? Is a battered fry still a french fry or is it a different item?

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  1. Battered French fries. That's a bad idea. I would have looked down at my plate in disbelief. That's a different item for sure. You just ruined my fries.

    1. Different, should definitely be listed.

      1. IMO, It is a version of a french fry, but I think they should be labelled as 'battered'. I often run into the same thing with fries that have been dusted with seasoning salt instead of plain salt. It's too much trouble to call them "seasoned french fries" or "battered french fries"?

        I realize they're just a slightly different presentation, but we've come to an acceptance of what a French Fry is. Departures, delicious though they might be, should be labelled.

        1. At Burger King I recently had some fries that were battered and they just really weren't any good.

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            Burger King used to have great fries. The ones they have now are coated with a vegetable starch (maybe potato starch?) because it's supposed to keep them warm and crisp for a few minutes longer. I hate them, and haven't eaten a regular BK fry in many years.

            They've got a new crinkled fry that isn't coated. We picked up a small order at the drive-through on a free launch promo. It was a decent spud.